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Our priorities are to support and foster independence in students with accessibility needs; advocate for accessibility for students; and provide resources and education opportunities for staff and faculty to ensure a welcoming environment in compliance with Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) guidelines and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Our services

Student Accessibility Services uses a case management model to ensure students receive consistent and appropriate service.

Each student is assigned a case manager with specialized skills and training in the appropriate disability field to work one-on-one with students to ensure appropriate access to services, programs, and academic accommodations based on documentation.

The exam centre coordinates and administers approved exam accommodations for students registered with Student Accessibility Services. We partner with faculty and instructors to maintain the integrity of the exam process while ensuring accessibility standards are met.

Classroom accommodations are based on individual documented needs. These accommodations can include providing sign language interpreters, support in accessing lecture information and materials, ensuring accessible classrooms, and providing specialized classroom equipment.

Students with learning disabilities can access two enhanced services:

Learning Strategist

Provides individualized academic strategies that are customized based on the student’s psycho-educational assessment, their program of study, and the student’s individual needs.

Assistive Technologist

Provides technology demonstrations, training, support, and innovative options to help students integrate their technology recommendations into their academic work.

Assistive technologies are available campus-wide for students to access. All computer labs have workstations with accessibility features and specialized software installed, and students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services can access specialized software and a dictation room in the private AT Resource Centre.

Student Accessibility Services works with the Brock library and publishers around the world to provide accessible texts and research materials in digital format, large print, and braille for students with perceptual disabilities.

Students must submit their requests as soon as possible because alternative format texts can take time to obtain or produce. Please note that alternative formats are not guaranteed.

A quiet room is available to support students with disabilities who require rest for disability related or medical reasons. Meet with your case manager to determine eligibility and to gain access to the room.

Online systems


OASIS is the online information system available to all registered SAS students.


  • View upcoming appointments;
  • View approved accommodations;
  • Submit a returning student update for a new term (if eligible);
  • Submit test/exam requests.

ISAAK Service Course

“Isaak” is Brock’s Sakai-based learning management system. Student Accessibility Services will regularly update their online service course within Isaak to inform registered students of:

  • Announcements
  • Important dates
  • Office hours
  • Staff contacts