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In addition to course work Teacher Education students may enjoy these experiences unique to the Faculty of Education in professional years.

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For information on the Math Proficiency Test, Teacher Candidates can visit the Math Proficiency Test student resource page.

Taking AQ courses

Teacher candidates are not eligible to take AQ courses until after program completion as per OCT requirements. While there are some exceptions, the earliest most candidates would be eligible for Additional Qualifications courses is May. For those students who apply to take AQ courses in advance of the completion of your requirements, you will be admitted in April after the official completion of your program. Also see the Centre for Continuing Teacher Education (AQ) website.

How to complete your application


  1. Watch this video which shows you screen by screen how to navigate the OCT website, link here
  2. Download, read and refer to the guide that pertains to your program:
  • General P/J, J/I, or I/S link here
  • Technological Teacher Education link here


General Questions


  1. How to order transcripts (or does Brock do this for me)? You must order your transcripts. Brock does not do this for you. A fee applies. Be sure to select the option to “Hold until degree conferred”. Have the transcripts sent directly to the OCT.
    1. Brock Transcripts: Order transcripts through student portal. Please click on the Brock DB Menu. Under Student Access, click on TranscriptRqst.
    2. Non-Brock transcripts: Order through the Office of the Registrar for that institution.


  1. Police check requirements Please refer OCT video and program guide (link found above).
  2. Report from the Faculty Here are the things you must do to ensure your    certification as a teacher in Ontario occurs shortly after convocation:

1. Upon receipt of the 6 digit number from the OCT, upload this number through your student portal – OCTCollection. For those of you who have already completed this step, thank you! Please provide this number prior to June 1 when we download the information from the system for the OCT. We cannot recommend you to the College without this number!
2. Arrange to have your teaching transcripts sent to the College AFTER your Convocation. If you make a transcript request prior to Convocation, your transcript will not read “Degree Conferred” and your certification will be delayed. If you are ordering your transcript prior to Convocation, please ensure you select the printing option “Hold until degree conferred” or, simply make the transcript request after your Convocation date. This step is especially important for Concurrent students who will have both the undergraduate degree and teaching degree noted on the transcript.

Some things to be aware of:
. Recommendations are not sent until after Convocation because the degree must be conferred prior to certification.
. Candidates are not eligible to take AQ courses until after program completion as per OCT regulations.
. Brock automatically submits the Faculty Report as long as we have your OCT number on file. Again, this is sent to the College before the end of June and, as long as you have completed all steps, most candidates are certified by end of June or early July.

Questions? Please contact Brock Central at x3052 or


  1. Date to use for completing your degree Use the month and year of the last day of your program.
  2. Reporting your practice teaching hours/days

Brock University Teacher Candidate Liaison Council (TCLC)

The Brock TCLC provides representation for Teacher Candidates at Brock University. We act as a connection between Teacher Candidates and the Faculty of Education at Brock as well as developing community partnerships between the university teacher candidates and various community organizations. In the Teacher Education program, each cohort is represented by one or two TCLC members from the same cohort to ensure smooth communication between the students and the council.

Through the year we:

• Encourage teacher candidate personal and professional growth
• Support our communities through philanthropy
• Provide/organize additional professional development
• Support and advocate for teacher candidates and their education
• Liaise with Brock Faculty of Education
• Foster community between Teacher Candidates and across teacher education programs (socials, gala, study nights, etc)
• Provide opportunities for teacher candidates to participate in professional teaching organizations (OSSTF, ETFO, OECTA)

Contact us at

Follow us on:
• Facebook: Brock University Teacher Candidate Liaison Council (page)
• Twitter: @brocktclc
• Instagram: Brock University TCLC


Practicum Information – Final years of the BEd program only

Most teacher candidates are excited about (and often nervous about) practicum required for OCT certification. The resources on this page support the policies and practices outlined in Academic Calendar and Program Handbook. The timing of practica (referred to as Blocks) is outlined in the program calendar.

Please note that in support of our agreement with partner schoolboards, students cannot make their own placements. Placements made by students will be cancelled.

During the first two placements of the program (Blocks 1 & 2), teacher candidates will practice teach in our partner school boards in Southern Ontario. For the final placement, a teacher candidate will be placed in the same school board (as Blocks 1 & 2) unless an Out-of-Region* placement is chosen for the third and final placement (Block 3).

Teacher candidates will be placed in the same school board for all three placements unless a teacher candidate requests and qualifies for an Out-of-Region placement for Block 3

Partner school boards are those boards with which Brock has a working agreement to support practice teaching opportunities. Brock is grateful for the ongoing support these board provide teacher candidates. These boards are:

  • District School Board of Niagara
  • Niagara Catholic District School Board
  • Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
  • Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
  • Halton District School Board
  • Halton Catholic District School Board
  • Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board
  • Peel District School Board
  • Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
  • Grand Erie District School Board


An Out-of-Region placement is a practicum placement in an Ontario school board other than one of our partner school boards (other than the school boards mentioned above). Out-of-Region placements are granted based on highly successful completion of course work and the first two practicum placements. The Out-of-Region placement takes place during Block 3 (at the end of Year 2) only.

All teacher candidates – without exception – are required to have obtained a vulnerable sector check in order to begin their practice teaching. Teacher candidates must have an acceptable vulnerable sector check prior to starting their placement, if they do not, it may jeopardize their progress in the Teacher Education Program. The program expects that students have their vulnerable sector check in their possession by September 28.

Police record checks must be:

  • Dated no earlier than July 1 (vulnerable sector checks can be no older than six months prior to the first visit to a school);
  • Be the original copy and;
  • Issued through your local police service.

Applying for the record check:

  • When applying for a vulnerable sector check, ensure that you have everything you need for the application process. Contact or check the website of your local police service to determine what information is required to apply for a vulnerable sector check.
  • Please be aware that police services have different application processes and in-light of the COVID-19 situation, police services may have revised the way that applications are received. For example:
    • Niagara Regional Police
      Once you’re ready to apply for your record check, visit the Niagara Regional Police website. You will be required to complete an online application form to apply for your vulnerable sector check.
    • Hamilton Police Service
      Once you’re ready to apply for your record check, visit the Hamilton Police Service website. You will be required to complete an online application form to apply for your vulnerable sector check.
    • Ontario Provincial Police
      Due to COVID19, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is currently limiting criminal record checks to essential workers. This may cause a delay in your application for a vulnerable sector check, however we suggest that you regularly monitor the website for updates and submit your application accordingly. If your local OPP detachment is processing vulnerable sector checks at this time and documentation from Brock is required, please contact the Teacher Education Program at
    • Peel Regional Police
      Due to COVID-19, for vulnerable sector check applications, the Peel Regional Police ask that you contact their Records Search Unit by telephone at 905-453-2121 ext. 4338.  We suggest that you regularly monitor the website for updates and submit your application accordingly.
    • Other
      If your local police service is not listed above, we recommend checking the website of your local police service to determine the requirements needed for your vulnerable sector check application. If documentation from Brock is necessary to apply for a vulnerable sector check, please contact the Teacher Education Program at


  • Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we recommend that you visit the website of the police service you will be applying through for the latest updates and submit your application accordingly as soon as possible. The processing time for a vulnerable sector check can be quite lengthy. You will not be able to enter a school until you have a police record check in your possession;
  • We advise that you make an extra copy of your record check in case you are asked to submit the original document to a school administrator;
  • Once you have the record check we ask that you do not send it to us. Please keep it secure so that you can bring it with you when you enter a school in the fall. We will require confirmation that you have your acceptable Police Record Check before you enter into a school (further information will be provided in August). Please note that it is your responsibility to show (or submit) your completed check to your school principal or school board contact when you enter schools in the fall.

If you have further questions regarding the required police record check please contact Natalie Reynolds at

Each school board has their own Health & Safety training requirements for teacher candidates who practice teach in their schools. Please note: all training is required to be completed in advance of you entering a school for your first Observation Day. Link here for board specific requirements.

A complete list of practicum policies and practices is found in the Teacher Candidate handbook. The policies below are those impacting most students.

• Teacher candidates are not permitted to make their own placements. Placements will only be made by the Placement Officer or the Administrative Assistant, Practicum. This is the agreement we have with our partner boards. If a teacher candidate makes his or her own placement, that placement will be cancelled.
• Once a placement has been made collaboratively between Brock and a school board, it is the teacher candidate’s professional responsibility to accept that placement (i.e., be prepared to accept that placement). If a teacher candidate makes his or her own placement, that placement will be cancelled.
• Transportation is the responsibility of the teacher candidate, it is not taken into consideration when placements are made.
• The Practicum Office is unable to accommodate placement requests for a specific geographic location, school, and/or associate teacher. If school administrators contact our office and ask to have a specific teacher candidate placed in their school, these requests will not be taken into consideration.
• Vulnerable sector checks are required to enter a school. See details further on this page.

The first point of contact if teacher candidates have questions regarding practicum should be Practicum Advisors and Practicum Instructors. These are the instructors from Brock who support teacher candidates at their practicum schools.

If further assistance is needed, please contact
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm