Research awards

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Discovery Grants Program recognizes the creativity and innovation that are at the heart of all research advances. The grants support ongoing programs of research with long-term goals.

  • S. Ejaz Ahmed (Mathematics & Statistics: Ensemble subspace, penalty, pretest, and shrinkage strategies for high dimensional data
  • Jeffrey Atkinson (Chemistry): Phosphatidylinositol-based probes of membranes, proteins, and enzymes
  • David Crandles (Physics): Spectroscopic studies of high permittivity materials
  • Vincenzo De Luca (Biological Sciences): Monoterpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis
  • Charles Després (Biological Sciences): Deciphering the Arabidopsis NPR1-dependent disease-resistance signal transduction pathway and beyond
  • Omar Kihel (Mathematics & Statistics): Arithmétique des corps de nombres et la conjecture de la parité
  • Martin Lemaire (Chemistry): Synthesis and coordination chemistry of new redox-active ligands
  • Yuanlin Li (Mathematics & Statistics): Arithmetic in group rings and study of zero-sum problems in combinatorial number theory
  • Ping Liang (Biological Sciences): Roles of DNA mobile elements in primate genomes
  • Georgii Nikonov (Chemistry): Main group compounds for bond activation and catalysis
  • Michael Winter (Computer Science): Relational and algebraic methods in software development
  • Thomas Wolf (Mathematics & Statistics): Applications of advances in computer algebra to studying classical integrable systems and related algebraic structures
  • Robert Carlone (Biological Sciences): An examination of retinoic acid and micro RNAs mediating CNS repair in regeneration competent species
  • Maureen Reedyk (Physics): Optical properties of novel materials

This grant is awarded to researchers “who have a superior research program that is highly rated in terms of originality and innovation and who show strong potential to become international leaders within their field” – NSERC site.

Awarded researchers do not apply for the grant, but rather are chosen by the federal funding agency pool of Discovery Grant applicants each year.

  • Georgii Nikanov (Chemistry): Main group compounds for bond activation and catalysis