Data Science at Brock

Brock’s new program, the Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences and Analytics (Honours) – with a Co-Op option, is the result of concerted effort between the Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the Goodman School of Business. It is one of only two B.Sc. programs in Canada combining financial analytics with computational data science.



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You can also reach our Program Chair of Data Science and Analytics and Professor – Finance, Operations & Information Systems Anteneh Ayanso here.

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The program bridges the gap between computational data sciences and business analytics by forming well-rounded graduates with strong core knowledge and skills in programming for big data, data infrastructures, computational statistics, data mining, business analytics, and management of information systems; graduates with the ability of telling the story through state-of-the-art visualization and the communication of business intelligence to support strategic decisions.


Students in the program will acquire advanced knowledge and skills in an area of specialization chosen from Financial Analytics or Computational Sciences (including parallel computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computational statistics, cybersecurity, financial risk management, fintech, computational finance, etc.). Students can be admitted into either of the honours or co-op option of the Concentration in Financial Analytics or the Concentration in Computational Data Sciences.

This program is designed for:

  • Students who want a transdisciplinary undergraduate program that is responsive to market demands for data scientists
  • Students who want a solid grounding in computational data sciences and analytics
  • Students interested in machine learning, artificial intelligence or financial analytics
  • Students who want graduate “work-ready” and be adaptable to the changing realities of the IT market

Career Opportunities:

Industry Analyst
Big Data Architect
Big Data Developer
Data Engineer
Data Programmer
Data Project Manager
Data Solutions Architect
Data Systems Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Operational Risk Consultant
Pension and Benefits Analyst
Data Scientist
Research Coordinator

Career Opportunities:

Machine Learning Scientist
Cloudera Professional
Business Intelligence Analyst
Data Analytics Consultant
Equity Data Analyst
Predictive Statistics Modeler
Data Mining Scientist
Data Integrity Scientist

Computational Data Sciences

The data science and analytics fields reflect the convergence of multiple traditional disciplines as a response to the challenges and business pressures posed by big data and associated technologies. The cross-disciplinary nature of this trend requires an innovative curriculum design that addresses the portfolio of skills needed by current students to succeed in this field. Brock University’s BSc in Data Science and Analytics Program is Canada’s first undergraduate program that came out of multiple years of collaborative curriculum design by the Faculty of Math and Science and the Goodman School of Business. Contributing disciplines include Computer Science, Maths and Statistics, Finance, Operations and Information Systems. In addition, the program incorporates courses from multiple other disciplines as electives.

Financial Analytics

Although we have seen a proliferation of data science and analytics programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, graduates are often trained exclusively in either the technical side or the domain application side depending on the specific discipline that offers this program. Employers also echo this skill gap as a major challenge during the recruitment process. Brock University’s BSc in Data Science and Analytics program attempts to address this shortcoming in the curriculum design philosophy. The program builds upon a common core of critical foundational courses, followed by speciality core and electives. While the program launches with two initial specializations in Computational Data Sciences and Financial Analytics, the design allows other specializations to follow the same path effectively. Another unique strength of this program is the opportunity for students to work with industry problems through a Capstone course and Co-Op options.