Omar Kihel

Professor of Mathematics

omar kihel

Office: Mackenzie Chown J425
905 688 5550 x3295

Algebraic Number Theory, Elliptic Curves, Diophantine Equations. Permutation polynomials over Finite Fields, Galois Theory, and Cryptography.

The 25th Annual Meeting in Mathematics (AMM 2021), Bangkok, Thailand: Keynote speaker

Amicale de théorie des nombres en hommage à Robert Langlands, Canadian Mathematical Society, 7-11 June 2021: Invited to give a talk

Polynomials and Arithmetic, Lille, France, postponed, hopefully to 2021: Invited to give a talk

The Third International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics (ICPAM3), Papua New Guinea, postponed: Invited talk

Leuca2022, May 16-21, 2022, Marina di San Gregorio, Patù (Lecce), Italy: Invited talk

The Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2021, July 19 to 23, session of ‘NUMBER THEORY IN THE AMERICAS’, invited to give a talk

Teaching award in the faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, Excellence in teaching, Brock University, June 2017.

Fellow of the Papua New Guinea Mathematical Society since November 2013

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