Academic Advising


Welcome to the Faculty of Mathematics and Science academic advising page

Please select the advisor specific to your department or program to ensure the fastest response to inquiries


Candice Kerling ( is responsible for advising students in BIOL, CHEM, BCHM, BTEC, and BMED programs.

Ashley Kapoor ( is responsible for MATH & STATS and BSc. Sciences students.

Racheal Herlehy ( is responsible for NEUR, and BSc. Sciences students.

Donna Phelps ( is responsible for COMP SCI students.

Edward Sternen ( is responsible for Physics students.

Astride Silis ( is responsible for Earth Science students.

Meet The Team

Ashley Kapoor - Mathematics and Statistics, BSc Sciences

Contact Ashley for questions regarding Mathematics and Statistics, or the BSc Sciences program.

Ashley Kapoor (she/her), BSc, MSc
Academic Advisor

Racheal Herlehy - Neuroscience

Contact Racheal for questions regarding Neuroscience and BSc. Sciences
Academic Advisor

Donna Phelps - Computer Science

Contact Donna for questions regarding Computer Science
Academic Advisor

Candice Kerling - BIOL, CHEM, BCHM, BTEC, BMED

Contact Candice for questions regarding BIOL, CHEM, BCHM, BTEC, BMED

Candice Kerling, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Academic Advisor

Edward Sternin - Physics

Contact Edward for questions regarding Physics
Academic Advisor

Astride Silis - Earth Sciences

Contact Astride for questions regarding Neuroscience
Academic Advisor