Scientifically Yours

Scientifically Yours is a two-day residential workshop designed to encourage young people in Grades 10 and 11 to continue their studies in the sciences and to pursue careers in science-related fields.

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Thursday & Friday, May 10th & 11th, 2018

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Scientifically Yours provides an opportunity for students to learn more about science in a university setting. Students will learn about career opportunities from professionals who have careers in the sciences, including medicine, university research and industry. Everyone will participate in six science and mathematics projects, gaining hands-on laboratory experience.

The two-day event also includes recreational activities, networking and an opportunity to dine with a number of professional scientists. The workshops will be conducted with the assistance of Brock University student mentors, staff and faculty members.

“The world’s your oyster!” – Building an Ecosystem
New to 2018

The resilience of Earth’s ecosystems and the services they provide for humanity (e.g. clean water, fertile soil, food etc) are of great concern due to threats from a barrage of anthropogenic influences (e.g. pollution, overexploitation, climate change, etc). Building an artificial ecosystem or microcosm allows scientists to study how an ecosystem will respond to stressors in a controlled manner.

Thinking about enrolling in this project? Students will have the opportunity to build their own closed ecosystem and learn about the “major players” in a basic saltwater ecosystem as well as make decisions regarding the initial set-up to impose or lessen the eventual stressors on their ecosystems. We have also created a Facebook group where you’ll find tips and tricks, be able to share photos and much more! Join the group and stay tuned.