Current professors

M. Bidochka
Molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry of insect pathogenic fungi

P. Liang
Understanding the mechanisms of genetic diversity and their contribution to phenotype via bioinformatics and genomics approaches

A. Necakov
Understanding the signaling and trafficking machineries in cell communication using an optogenetic approach

A. Skandalis
Protein structure and function of enzymes involved in nucleic acid replication; molecular biology of aging

J. Stuart
Mitochondrial bioenergetics and cell physiology

F. F. Hunter
Behavioural ecology of haematophagous insects; molecular systematics; cytogenetics

M. H. Richards
Evolution of social behaviour in insects; population genetics and molecular systematics of insects

A. J. Mercier
Neurobiology; electrophysiology and synaptic plasticity

G. Spencer
Neurobiology; synaptic plasticity, mechanisms of learning and memory

L. Vasseur
Climate change, sustainable development, community-based ecosystem management and conservation ecology

G. Tattersall
Function and Mechanisms of Thermoregulatory Control

V. De Luca
Plant Biochemistry, natural products, metabolic engineering

C. Després
Plant Proteomics and Molecular Pathology

D. Inglis
Redox balance in wine yeast under hyperosmotic stress, yeast gene expression, yeast metabolism, icewine fermentation

G. Pickering
Wine science, sensory science, flavor chemistry, sensory perception, and wine chemistry

J. Willwerth
Optimizing cold tolerance in V. vinifera cultivars through cultural practices. Use of geotextiles to reduce freeze injury in grapevines. Understanding cold hardiness dynamics of grapevine cultivars in Ontario. Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in vineyards. Assessing bird activity, bird damage and use of new bird deterrents in vineyards

L.A. MacNeil

Genetics and molecular biology, with a particular focus in the areas of epigenetics, gene expression, and noncoding RNA