Introducing Engineering @ Brock

Dean Ejaz Ahmed is pleased to announce that the Faculty of Mathematics and Science is establishing a new academic unit focussed on engineering. Using an experiential, student-centric, project-based approach, the Department will be responsible for implementing integrated engineering programs that will enable students to gain the broad skill sets necessary for future employment. The programs will cover fundamental topics in engineering science and design, mathematics and natural sciences, as well as enhanced training in interdisciplinary areas (e.g., finance, management, information technology, sociology, sustainability, ethics).

Projected Timeline


Create new academic programming in engineering, grounded in a transformative work-integrated learning approach, that will prepare students to address the technological, engineering and social innovation challenges of the world in support of job creation, business development, community development and social inclusion across the Niagara region and beyond.


To offer engineering education and support engineering research in a manner that is authentic to the spirit and character of the University, that is aligned with its culture and informed by its values. Engineering at Brock will strive to be distinctive and focused on the particular challenges faced by the Niagara region and beyond.

4 Principal Themes of Engineering at Brock

1. Feeding the World

Sustainable agriculture and land-use, bioengineering in developing food markets, and emerging technology for environmental remediation, especially looking towards the needs of the Niagara Region.

2. Shaping the Future

Automation, human and machine interactions, the technical and policy analyses of energy use in manufacturing, the environment and the economy.

3. Connecting the World

The technology and methods of collecting, managing and analyzing the shared data of the modern world; how cities and organizations can harness information to create better places to live.

4. Creating Healthy Communities

Technology for improving our personal health and the health of our communities; engineering for assistive living and augmented biology, improving the methods that keep our municipalities healthy and functioning.

The programs will cover fundamental topics in engineering science and design, mathematics and natural sciences, as well as a significant amount of enhanced training in interdisciplinary areas such as finance, management, information technology, languages, marketing, sociology, sustainability, ethics, risk, philosophy, psychology, art and aesthetics, facilities, and human resources.

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