Yousef Haj-Ahmad Department of Engineering

Brock is one of only three universities in Canada to offer Integrated Engineering, a new approach to engineering education tailor-made to address emerging needs and challenges in the engineering field.

With a focus on flexibility and humanist thinking, Integrated Engineering combines a grounding in core engineering practices with the necessary interdisciplinary outlook to make a significant impact in the engineering fields of the future.  

Our unique, made-in-Niagara interdisciplinary program blurs the lines between traditional engineering disciplines, helping the engineers of tomorrow lead in fields as diverse as as big data, artificial intelligence, bioengineering, medical devices, sustainability and climate change, robot automation, manufacturing and transportation.

Brock Engineering employs a transformative work-integrated learning approach to prepare students to address the technological, engineering and social innovation challenges of the world in support of job creation, business development, community development and social inclusion across the Niagara region and beyond.

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4 Principal Themes of Engineering at Brock

1. Feeding the World

Sustainable agriculture and land-use, bioengineering in developing food markets, and emerging technology for environmental remediation, especially looking towards the needs of the Niagara Region.

2. Shaping the Future

Automation, human and machine interactions, the technical and policy analyses of energy use in manufacturing, the environment and the economy.

3. Connecting the World

Technology and methods of collecting, sharing, managing and analyzing data of the modern world; how cities and organizations can harness information to create better places to live; emerging technologies in IT, artificial intelligence, robotics, digital twins, cybersecurity and beyond.

4. Healthy Communities

Technology for improving our personal health and the health of our communities; engineering for assistive living and augmented biology, improving the methods that keep our municipalities healthy and functioning.

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