In addition to being excellent educators, our professors are on the cutting edge of mathematical research.

Current Professors

  • Syed Ejaz Ahmed – Professor – Statistical inference, multivariate analysis and asymptotic theory.
  • Stephen Anco – Professor – Differential Equations, Symmetries and Conservation Laws, Soliton Theory, Mathematical Physics, Symbolic Computation.
  • Hichem Ben-El-Mechaiekh – Professor – Set-valued analysis, fixed point theory, variational methods for dynamical systems, mathematical economics, game theory and optimization
  • Chantal Buteau – Professor – Mathematics Education (Technology, University Education, Teacher Education) and Mathematical Music Theory (Deterministic Modeling of Analysis, Computational Music Analysis)
  • Henryk Fukś – Professor – Spatially-extended discrete dynamical systems, Cellular automata, Lattice gas automata
  • Tianyu Guan – Assistant Professor – Functional data analysis, Statistics in sports, Nonparametric and semi-parametric statistical methods, Data mining and machine learning
  • Omar Kihel – Professor – Algebraic Number Theory, Elliptic Curves, Diophantine Equations. Permutation polynomials over Finite Fields, Galois Theory, and Cryptography
  • Yuanlin Li – Professor – Homological Aspects of Rings, Group Rings and Their Applications in Combinatoric Number Theory, and Coding Theory
  • William Marshall – Associate Professor – Causal Networks, Measures of Connectivity, Linear Mixed Effect (LME) Models
  • Alexander Odesskii – Professor – Mathematical Physics, Integrable Systems, Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Theory of Special Functions
  • Pouria Ramazi – Assistant Professor – Evolutionary Game Theory, Convergence Analysis, Control of Evolutionary Network Dynamics, Global Convergence and Stability Analysis, Management of emerging disease threats.
  • Jan Vrbik – Professor – Celestial Mechanics, Perturbed Kepler Problem, Edgeworth Series, Central Limit Theorem, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Autoregressive Models
  • Thomas Wolf – Professor – Integrability of differential equations, Computer Algebra, Classical General Relativity, Mathematical Analysis of the game Go
  • Xiaojian Xu – Professor – Statistical Models and Inference; Optimal Regression Designs; Robust Methods; Multivariate Analysis; Accelerated Life testing

Basil Nanayakkara
Assistant Professor
Algebraic Geometry and Algebra
905 688 5550 x3103

Tom Jenkyns
Combinatorics and Optimization

Peng Zhang
Correlated data analysis, data mining, measurement error models

Dongchen Li

Stochastic control in finance and insurance; Optimal insurance design; Retirement planning; Machine learning in finance and insurance

Howard Bell
Ring Theory

Ron Kerman
Real & Complex Analysis

Charles Laywine
Combinatorial Design Theory

John Mayberry
Knot-Theory, Game-Theory & Applications, Combinatorics, Abstract Mathematical Models

Eric Muller
Mathematics education with impact of technology

Mei-Ling Huang
Nonparametric Statistical Inference, Extreme Value, Quantile Regression, Experimental Design, Applied Probability, Stochastic Models and Queueing Network, Survival Analysis and Risk Models, Probability Distribution, Monte Carlo Simulations and Resampling Techniques