FMS GRaD Conference – Sept 22-23, 2023

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Conference Info

FMS GRaD Conference 

Sept 22-23. 2023

Pond Inlet, Brock University

This event focuses on providing graduate students in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMS) and beyond opportunities to talk about their research. The goal of FMS GRaD Conference is to celebrate the academic achievements of all students in the FMS, to develop a sense of community among the FMS graduate students, and to showcase the FMS research to Brock University community.


Main participants and presenters:

  • Keynote speakers and guest speakers
  • Current graduate students registered in FMS
  • Incoming graduate students in FMS

Registration is FREE.

  • Registration will remain open until September 1, 2023 or when the guest limit is reached. Register today to avoid missing out.

If you have any questions with regarding registration, please contact us at

Important dates:

Registration open from  August 8th, 2023

Oral and Poster Presentation abstract submission: September 1, 2023

Conference Date: September 22nd and 23rd, 2023

Day 1 – Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Location: Pond Inlet

3:00 PMRegistration
3:20 PMOpening remarks: Faculty of Mathematics and Science Dean Peter Berg
3:30 PMKeynote presentation with Dr. Francine McCarthy, Earth Sciences
4:15 PMCoffee break
4:30 PMSocial event
6:00 PMEnd of Day 1

Day 2 – Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Location: Pond Inlet, Plaza Building, and Cairns Atrium

9:00 AMRegistrationPond Inlet
9:30 AMOrientationPond Inlet
9:45 AMCoffee breakPond Inlet; Plaza Building
10:15 AMOral presentation sessions 1-4Plaza Building
12:30 PMLunchDecew Residence
2:00 PMPoster presentation session 1Cairns Atrium
3:00 PMPoster presentation session 2Cairns Atrium
4:00 PMCoffee breakCairns Atrium; Pond Inlet
4:30 PMTrivia, raffle draw, awards, and closing speechPond Inlet
6:00 PMEnd of Day 2

TBA – Coming soon

General Guideline for Oral Presentation:

Each oral presentation should be 12 minutes in length followed by a 3 minute Q&A period (total = 15min). The presentation should be accompanied by visuals (e.g. PowerPoint slides, PDF slides) 

All oral presenters are requested to: 

  – submit the final abstract by 11:59 pm on September 1, 2023.

  – upload the visuals (e.g. PowerPoint slides) to our SharePoint drive. Presenters will receive an email with instructions and the upload link closer to the conference date. Bringing the presentation file on a USB drive as backup is also recommended.


General Format for Poster Presentations:

Each poster presenter will be assigned to one of the two poster sessions. Each poster session will be 60 minutes in length. There will be judges to assess each poster presentation if the presenter wishes to compete. 

All poster presenters are requested to:

   – submit the final abstract by 11:59 pm on September 1, 2023

   – print the final poster before the morning of September 23rd, 2023

More information to help you making a research porter from Brock Library – Link here

**** The recommended measurement for posters is 3 ft by 4 ft.

**** The poster presenters are also advised to prepare a 5 minute presentation introducing their poster to the judges and audience.

Abstract submissions for 2023 are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted this year.

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Francine McCarthy, Earth Science, Brock University

When: 3:30 PM on Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Where: Pond Inlet

Dr. Francine McCarthy has been an Earth Sciences professor at Brock University since 2002. She is a micropaleontologist interested in the use of microfossils to reconstruct paleoenvironmental conditions (climate, hydrology, water quality, anthropogenic impact, food-web interactions), particularly in meromictic lakes which are excellent archives of continental environments. She is leading the effort to investigate the potential of the varved sequence in the hydrologically unique Crawford Lake to define the Anthropocene, which has recently made headlines in major news outlets such as the Washington Post and The New York Times. In her keynote talk, she will address how the sediments at the bottom of Crawford Lake hold evidence of the environmental changes that humans have brought to our planet, possibly marking the start of the new geologic epoch known as the Anthropocene.

Presentation Roster - A-Z

First NameLast NameProgramDegreePresentation FormatWhat is the title of your presentation?Presentation SessionRoom
AzadehAghaeeyanMathematics & StatisticsPost docOral PresentationRevealing the decision making strategies of Americans in taking COVID-19 vaccinationMachine Learning II, Mathematical Modelling, and PhysicsPLZ411
MadihaAhmedMathematics & StatisticsMaster’sOral PresentationTransformer-based generative model integrated with Deep Evolutionary Learning for multi-target drug generation for cancerMachine Learning II, Mathematical Modelling, and PhysicsPLZ411
AwsAl JumailyComputer ScienceMaster’sPoster PresentationTransformer-Based Multi-Objective Contrastive Deep Reinforcement Learning for Drug DesignPoster Session 1Cairns Atrium
RicardoAlvaBiological SciencesMaster’sPoster PresentationCellular Responses to Acute Hypoxia in Cancer Cells Cultured Under Physiological Oxygen LevelsPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
GurprinceAttlasPsychologyMaster’sOral PresentationEffects of cross-fostering on behaviour and neural development in Octodon degu pupsPsychology, Neuroscience, and DevelopmentPLZ408
AllaynaBarrettApplied Health SciencesMaster’sOral PresentationExploring how Socioeconomic Status Shapes Experiences of Meaning and Purpose among Niagara Youth: A Qualitative StudyPsychology, Neuroscience, and DevelopmentPLZ408
MadisonBellHealth SciencesPhDPoster PresentationIncreased Greek Yogurt Consumption versus Whey Protein Supplementation on circulating markers of bone metabolism and inflammation in young athletesPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
FrancineBurkeNeurosciencePhDOral PresentationPerinatal hyperandrogenization as a preclinical murine model of autism spectrum disorderPsychology, Neuroscience, and DevelopmentPLZ408
ShajibChowdhuryComputer ScienceMaster’sOral PresentationContext-based network switching in 5G vehicular networksMachine Learning I, Computer Science, and TechnologyPLZ410
MelanieDenomme StauderBiological SciencesPhDOral PresentationExamining the motivation of repetitive barrier interactions in reptilesBehaviour, Evolution, and Environmental SciencePLZ409
JannatulFerdousComputer ScienceMaster’sOral PresentationReinforcement Learning-based Time-Dependable Modelling of Fog Connectivity for Software-Defined Vehicular NetworksMachine Learning I, Computer Science, and TechnologyPLZ410
GeorginaGardnerBiological SciencesMaster’sPoster PresentationCulture Shock! Investigating the Significance of Physiological Tumor-Like Conditions in Cultured Cancer CellsPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
AnthonyGiannopoulosApplied Health Sciences Master’sPoster PresentationEffects of ‘Bulk and Cut’ with Resistance Training on Untrained MenPoster Session 1Cairns Atrium
Jessica GrahamComputer ScienceMaster’sOral PresentationCommunication Clustering with Graph Neural Networks (GNN) Machine Learning I, Computer Science, and TechnologyPLZ410
KarlGranthamComputer ScienceMaster’sOral PresentationAI enabled drug design and side effect prediction powered by multi-objective evolutionary algorithms & transformer modelsMachine Learning II, Mathematical Modelling, and PhysicsPLZ411
NazaninHasheminejad Mathematics & StatisticsMaster’sOral PresentationEquilibration of Coordinating Imitation and Best-Response DynamicsMachine Learning I, Computer Science, and TechnologyPLZ410
SabrinaHofordChemistryPhDPoster PresentationExploring Electric Field Effects on Diels Alder CycloadditionsPoster Session 1Cairns Atrium
RanjithIyappanApplied Health SciencesPhDPoster PresentationNew immunotherapeutic approach for Age-Related Diseases Poster Session 2Cairns Atrium
MaryamKatoueezadehHealth Science, BiosciencePhDPoster PresentationBoosting Cancer Immunotherapy by Enhancing MHC Expression via Cellular Stress Induction to Increase Anti-cancer Neoantigen PresentationPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
Keppetiyawe Gedara Hansima SanduniKeppetiyawaPhysicsMaster’sOral PresentationTwo-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbides for Electrochemical Energy Storage ApplicationsMachine Learning II, Mathematical Modelling, and PhysicsPLZ411
Amirmahdi Khosravi TabriziComputer ScienceMaster’sOral PresentationSoftware mining: Investigating correlation between source code features and michrobenchmark’s steady stateMachine Learning I, Computer Science, and TechnologyPLZ410
AshlandKnowlesPhysicsMaster’sPoster PresentationQuantum Loops and Distortions of Transition Metal DichalcogenidesPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
JoshLabrieEarth ScienceMaster’sPoster PresentationEstimating modal proportions of major rock-forming minerals in PIXL targets on Mars using supervised image classificationPoster Session 1Cairns Atrium
BaoLeBiotechnologyMaster’sOral PresentationElucidating structures and relationships among different human populations by using polymorphic mobile elements.Behaviour, Evolution, and Environmental SciencePLZ409
AmandaLeonettiBiological SciencePhDPoster PresentationThe Sex- and Task-Specific Effect of m6A Demethylase Fat-Mass and Obesity Associated (FTO) Protein During Non-aversive and Aversive Memory Tasks. Poster Session 1Cairns Atrium
MadeleineMaheuNeuroscience, Applied Health SciencesMaster’sOral PresentationRunning to remember: The effects of exercise on perineuronal nets, microglia and vascularization in male and female mice. Psychology, Neuroscience, and DevelopmentPLZ408
DanielleMartinBiological ScienceMaster’sPoster PresentationEstimating atmospheric 14C using tree rings to monitor nuclear generating station emissions and fossil fuel contributions in southern Ontario, CanadaPoster Session 1Cairns Atrium
RezaMiryMathematics & StatisticsMaster’sOral PresentationEnhancing Early Warning Signals for Pandemic Prevention using LSTM-CNN Models and Noise-Augmented SIR ModelsMachine Learning II, Mathematical Modelling, and PhysicsPLZ411
AudreyMorrisonEarth ScienceMaster’sOral PresentationThe Late Ordovician Mass Extinction of the Phanerozoic and the lesson for the climate change scenario during the AnthropoceneBehaviour, Evolution, and Environmental SciencePLZ409
AfraNehchiriApplied Health SciencesMaster’sPoster PresentationThe Role of Anti-Degenerative Protein Modifications (DPMs) Autoantibodies in Age-Related Chronic Diseases: Implications for Healthspan EnhancementPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
Alicia PiazzaNeurosciencePhDPoster PresentationNon-coding RNAs and local protein synthesis in guiding nerve regenerationPoster Session 1Cairns Atrium
FardadPirriBiological ScienceMaster’sPoster PresentationOxytocin receptor within the lateral septum regulates social approach in adult male and female Long-Evans ratsPoster Session 1Cairns Atrium
AlessandroPisanaPhysicsPhDOral PresentationSpace, time and wormholesMachine Learning II, Mathematical Modelling, and PhysicsPLZ411
AlexPopescuBiological SciencesMaster’sOral PresentationHeads up! Social vigilance behaviour in American crowsBehaviour, Evolution, and Environmental SciencePLZ409
SunnyQureshiNeuroscienceMaster’sOral PresentationLong Term Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Cognitive Functioning in Male and Female RatsPsychology, Neuroscience, and DevelopmentPLZ408
RozhinRowshanpourChemistryPhDPoster PresentationN‑Heterocyclic Carbene Organocatalyzed Redox-Active/Ring Expansion Reactions: Mechanistic Insights Unveiling Base CooperativityPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
PierreSimiganoschiEarth ScienceMaster’sPoster PresentationHotter Cities, Cooler Solutions: Analyzing UHI Effects in Toronto and St. CatharinesPoster Session 2Cairns Atrium
AzarTaheri TayebiMathematics and StatisticsMaster’sOral PresentationConstructing Bayesian networks to discover probabilistic dependence between angler’s behaviour and auxiliary data Machine Learning I, Computer Science, and TechnologyPLZ410
NimaVaez-zadeh AsadiEarth ScienceMaster’sPoster PresentationNew Zealand brachiopods: monitors of oceanographic conditions Poster Session 1Cairns Atrium
MinhVuBiotechnologyMaster’sOral PresentationPhylogenetic and Evolutionary Studies of Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus Isolates from CanadaBehaviour, Evolution, and Environmental SciencePLZ409
AlexWilderBiological SciencePhDOral PresentationEvaluating the efficiency of pre-phase extraction methods to determine the chemical profiles of passerine preen oil. Behaviour, Evolution, and Environmental SciencePLZ409
KingstonWongPsychologyPhDPoster PresentationShort- and long-term effects of adolescent chronic mild stress on neural activity in animals prenatally exposed to alcohol Poster Session 1Cairns Atrium
Xiaoyang XiaPsychologyPhDOral PresentationCriminal Justice System Contact during Adolescence and Race Predict Short- and Long-Term Mental Health, Education, and Occupation Outcomes: Sex-Based AnalysesPsychology, Neuroscience, and DevelopmentPLZ408
KingstonWongPsychologyPhDPoster PresentationShort- and long-term effects of adolescent chronic mild stress on neural activity in animals prenatally exposed to alcohol Poster Session 1Cairns Atrium
Xiaoyang XiaPsychologyPhDOral PresentationCriminal Justice System Contact during Adolescence and Race Predict Short- and Long-Term Mental Health, Education, and Occupation Outcomes: Sex-Based AnalysesPsychology, Neuroscience, and DevelopmentPLZ408

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