Prospective Graduate Students

As a Brock graduate student you will be joining a thriving graduate community that is at the center of excellence in research and innovation. We have just the right graduate opportunity for you to take your knowledge and abilities to a new level. We recognize that you have a tough decision ahead of you so ask yourself “Which university will most help me achieve my academic and personal goals?”  For our current graduate students, that answer is wholeheartedly Brock!

The Brock Experience

The ultimate experience for a graduate student in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science should involve opportunities to work independently but learn to work with others; to pursue a topic intensively but learn to manage time; and to get involved in activities outside their curriculum while thinking forward to the next stage in their careers.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science will provide you with an academic experience that includes learning opportunities that may not be possible at other, larger universities. You will learn and develop in a more personalized environment. Our innovative faculty members are highly trained and they will foster personal and academic growth with their caring and personalized approach to teaching.

Each research student in a graduate program benefits from working with an individual research supervisor and an excellent supervisory committee. The committees provide a nurturing environment where students are supported and encouraged to make their own decisions, thrive to learn, and to develop their research. Students also learn to work in a community of researchers and build a network of trusted friends.

Notes From Our Graduates

“My professors were ALWAYS there for support and help throughout my entire student career. I would not be where I am today (working for a pharmaceutical company) without their guidance.”

“Some of the labs that I have done were unforgettable experiences. They were always challenging but the experience of actually doing science rather than just reading about it is worth the extra effort.”

“I’ll never forget the wonderful experiences I had in the classroom at Brock. The school would be nothing without its professors.”

“What I liked about Brock was the smaller classroom size. I was able to get to know a lot of my professors, which was great.”

“I enjoyed my time at Brock and I feel very prepared for my graduate education.”

“Wonderful faculty, challenging yet fun and stimulating courses and a beautiful, well laid-out campus.”