Jeffrey Atkinson

Professor, Chemistry

Jeffrey Atkinson

Office: Cairns 416
Lab: Cairns 457 and 542
905 688 5550 x3967

Research Interests

Organic Chemistry; Vitamin E Biochemistry; Lipid bioconjugates and reactive probes, Lipid transfer proteins, Protein-membrane interactions

Graduate student positions (MSc. PhD) are available in synthetic organic chemistry of bioactive lipids, probes, and fluorophores. Interested students should contact me directly. Please recognize that no position is guaranteed prior to making an official (and successful) application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Our interests in bioorganic chemistry include activity in organic synthesis as well as protein and lipid biochemistry, structural biology, and analytical biochemistry.

Strong collaborations with active groups in the Canada, the US, and Europe mean that we are directly involved with aspects of vitamin E (tocopherol) biokinetics, intracellular location, the mechanism of action of the tocopherol transfer protein (TTP), and other lipid transfer proteins, as well as proteins that interact with phospholipid membranes.

We have prepared 22 different fluorescent forms of tocopherol some of which have been used to follow intracellular and tissue location of this vitamin. Our newest labels are now being used in 3D-imaging of mice brains to explore the role of vitamin E in neuron and brain health.

We have also designed and synthesized compounds that disrupt the normal oxidative metabolism of tocopherols and may aid in the understanding of the fate of the different forms of vitamin E and the potential of tocotrienols as therapeutics for human health.

Lipid Transfer and Binding Proteins

Every hydrophobic ligand would have trouble moving about the aqueous portion of cells were it not for specific transfer proteins. Transfer proteins exist for retinoids, sterols, fatty acids, phospholipids, cholesterol, vitamin D and, of course, vitamin E (tocopherols). Each ligand has particular biochemistry to which the transfer protein must be attuned.

For instance, the sterol binding proteins (SBP) and ceramide transfer proteins (CERT) are coordinated so that the biosynthesis of both cholesterol and ceramides are controlled together. Since tocopherols are vitamins, there is no necessity for controlling biosynthesis in mammalian tissue, but we, and our collaborators, have shown that the tocopherol transfer protein (TTP) has a critical role to play in transporting tocopherol to particular membranes involved in vesicular traffic (i.e. VLDL secretion from liver cells) or to those membranes that are prone to lipid peroxidation.

We are looking at the features that control the rates of tocopherol delivery to membranes by TTP. To this end we have developed FRET assays using our fluorescent tocopherol derivative NBD-alpha-tocopherol. By varying the phospholipid composition of membrane acceptor, as well as making mutations in the transfer protein, we (along with Dr. Danny Manor, at Case Western Reserve University) have begun to decipher those features necessary for membrane recognition by TTP, and phospholipids that effect efficient transfer. Our most recent work focuses on the role of tocopherol in neurons and astrocytes. Vitamin E deficiency can lead to critical pathologies of the nervous system, especially cerebellar ataxias.

Other proteins of interest include the phosphatidylinositol binding proteins (PITPs) Sec14p (from yeast) and the mammalian orthologues PITPalpha and PITPbeta. Using a fluorescent form of phosphatidylcholine (PC) we are able to show the ability of these proteins to transfer PC to membranes and how the rate of this transfer is affected by membrane curvature and composition. Particularly important are the so-called addressing-lipids called phosphatidylinositol phosphates (PIPs). The oxysterol binding protein (OSBP) is particularly sensitive to the presence of membrane PIPs and we have shown that PI(4)P is extracted from the membrane by OSBP. Current work is exploring the role of sterols in modifying membrane and PIP recognition.

We base our protein experiments on two major techniques. One, mentioned above, is fluorescence energy resonance transfer (FRET), and the other is called surface plasmon resonance (SPR). In brief, this is a surface adsorption technique that allows us to adsorb phospholipid vesicles onto a sensor chip. We can then measure the rates of protein association and dissociation with the tethered vesicles. By analyzing specific protein mutants and by changing vesicle phospholipid composition we learn great deal about how the protein can recognize membranes, and deliver or extract ligands. All of this work lends support to the proposed mechanism(s) of these protein in vivo.

Synthesis of lipid-based probes of protein-membrane interactions

About half of our research group performs organic synthesis. We design and prepare new compounds to investigate the function of proteins that interaction with phospholipid membranes.

We remain active in the organic synthesis of tocopherols and tocotrienols, and other hydrophobic compounds as tools for biochemical research. This inlcudes a number of efforts such as:

  • membrane-spanning bola-phospholipids as probes of phospholipid transfer protein action
  • phospholipid biomolecular probes and bioconjugates
    • fluorescent phospholipids
    • conformationally restricted phospholipids
    • photocleavable and redox active bola-phospholipids
    • biotin tagged lipid (photo)affinity labels


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  • BTEC 3P09: Bioreactor Processes
  • BTEC 3P93: Proteins and Nucleic Acids
  • CHEM/BTEC 4P27: Enzyme and Co-enzyme Mechanisms
  • CHEM/BTEC 5P25: Medicinal Chemistry
The Atkinson group on the Lake Eerie shoreline, August, 2016. From left to right: Mikel Ghelfi, Parthajit Mukherjee, Dr. Matilda Baptist, Dr. Jeffrey Atkinson, Dr. Candace Panagabko, Andrew Hildering, Kailey Meehan, Nick Krueger

The group on the Lake Eerie shoreline, August, 2016. From left to right: Mikel Ghelfi, Parthajit Mukherjee, Dr. Matilda Baptist, Dr. Jeffrey Atkinson, Dr. Candace Panagabko, Andrew Hildering, Kailey Meehan, Nick Krueger

Dr. Candace Panagabko – (Research Associate, PhD 2004)
Fluorescence-based ligand transfer assays and immobilized phospholipid membrane binding by phospholipid transfer proteins

Mikel Ghelfi (PhD, Chemistry)
Synthesis of novel fluorophores based on vitamin E

Nick Kreuger (MSc, Chemistry)
Reactivity of tocopherol quinones with model thiols and proteins: thiol arylation and activation of the Keap1-Nrf2 antioxidant response system.

Kailey Meehan (MSc, Biotechnology)
Creation of a fluorescence-based in vitro assay for the yeast phosphatidylinositol kinase Pik1

Mateo Andrade (NSERC USRA)
Synthesis of long chain dicarboxylic acids for incorporation into bola-phospholipids

Aaron de Jong (NSERC USRA)
Synthesis of chiral glycerol precursors to bola-phospholipids.

Loreen Bahour (Hons BSc)
Monitoring tocopherol transfer protein binding to vesicles comprised of plasma membrane lipids by surface plasmon resonance

Trisha Thomas (Hons BSc)
Investigation of the behavior of yeast phospholipid transfer protein Sec14 binding and ligand extraction from tethered phospholipid vesicles by surface plasmon resonance

Bridgette Hartley (Hons BSc)
Synthesis of photo- and redox active long chain dicarboxyilc acids for incorporation into bola-phospholipids.

Shraddha Khirwadkar (BSc)
Monitoring tocopherol transfer protein binding to vesicles comprised of plasma membrane lipids by surface plasmon resonance



Past Group Members



  • Dr. Rachel Parsons – Post Doctoral Associate 2001-2
  • Dr. Frederic Levasseur – Post Doctoral Associate 1998



  • Parthajit Mukherjee (PhD, Biotechnology, 2016)
  • Matilda Baptist (PhD, Biotechnology, 2015)
  • Wendy Zhang (PhD, Biotechnology. 2009)
  • Candace Panagabko (PhD, Biotechnology. 2004)



  • Andrew Hildering – 2016 (Chemistry)
  • Hasam Madarati – 2015 (Biotechnology)
  • Venkata Krishna Garapati Rao  – (Chemistry)
  • Ryan West – 2009 (Chemistry)
  • Matilda Baptist – 2009 (Biotechnology)
  • Yongsheng Wang – 2008 (Chemistry)
  • Grant Frahm – 2007 (Biotechnology)
  • Stephan Ohnmacht – 2007 (Chemistry)
  • Phil Nava – 2006 (Biotechnology))
  • Fan Gu – 2006 (Chemistry)
  • Marta Hernandez – 2003 (Biotechnology)
  • Solomon Fixon-Owoo – 2000 (Chemistry)
  • John Huangshu Lei – 1999 (Chemistry)
  • Kevin Tays – MSc 1998, Honours Thesis 1996



  • Kailey Meehan – BTEC 2016
  • Essa Alqahtani – BTEC 2016
  • Luke Taylor – BTEC 2015
  • Anas Madarti  – BTEC 2015
  • Nick Krueger – BTEC 2015
  • Hasam Madarti – BTEC 2013
  • Andrew Hildering – BIOL/CHEM 2013
  • Izabela Subczinska – BCHM 2012
  • Katy Howard – 2012
  • Cameron Miotto – BTEC 2012
  • Kaleigh Giles – BTEC 2011
  • Andrew Barty – CHEM 2011
  • Bryan Morris – BTEC 2011
  • Kaitlin Bynkoski – 2009
  • Mohammad Howard-Azzeh – BTEC 2009
  • Michael Flewelling – BTEC 2008
  • Alessandro Virgulti – BTEC 2007
  • Julia Rintoul – BTEC 2007
  • Matt Cecchini – BCHM 2007
  • John Chirico – BTEC 2007
  • Marie Dion – BTEC 2007
  • Ryan West – CHEM 2006
  • Robin Jansen – BTEC 2003
  • Pat Cassolato – BTEC 2002
  • Brad Harrison – BTEC 2001
  • Christina Pinelli – BTEC 2000
  • Steve Neely – BTEC 2000
  • Miranda Wellwood – BTEC 1999
  • Monika Dabrowski- BTEC 1999
  • Doug Burr- BTEC 1999
  • Brian Matier – BTEC 1999
  • Ken Lo – BTEC 1998
  • Candace Panagabko – BTEC 1998
  • Virginia Marks – BTEC 1998
  • Deb Chenier – BTEC 1998
  • Neil Shuart – BTEC 1998
  • Brad Schmor – BTEC 1997
  • Kathy Hiller – CHEM 1997
  • Dave Green – CHEM 1995
  • Steve Jenkins – CHEM 1995


Summer Research Assistants

  • Alessandro Perri – NSERC USRA, 2017
  • Aaron de Jong – 2015
  • Patrick Roy-Gayos – NSERC USRA, 2015
  • Uzair Sayani – 2015
  • Joanna Boucard – 2014
  • Hasam Madarati – NSERC USRA, 2012
  • Kaleigh Giles – 2008
  • Marie Dion – USRA 2005
  • Ryan West -2005
  • Abdullah Mahboob – 2004
  • Tony Pasquale – 1996
  • Luke Landry – 1995


Highschool Students

  • Dylan Perera – 2016
  • Holly Philbrick – 2014
  • Rebecca Bunz – 2007
  • Dennis Moore
  • Ben Lichty


Research Assistants

  • Tammy Keifer – Research Assistant 1999
  • Muthoni Kamau – Research Assistant 1996