Undergraduate Students

Are you the kind of person who loves experimenting and discovering new things? Do you learn best through hands-on opportunities? If so, then the small class sizes in labs and tutorials at Brock are exactly what you’re looking for.

The Brock Experience

We are pleased that you are considering one of our programs in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. We recognize that you have a tough decision ahead of you so ask yourself “Which university will help me achieve my academic and personal goals?” And we believe that the answer is Brock.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science will provide you with an academic experience that includes learning opportunities that may not be possible at other, larger universities. You will learn and develop in a more personalized environment. Our innovative faculty members are highly trained and they will foster personal and academic growth with their caring and personalized approach to teaching.

You don’t just learn about math and science here… you actually do it! Through practical hands-on experiences such as co-op, internships, field trips and labs, you will gain the skills and knowledge that employers and graduate and professional schools are looking for. In addition, our small sized seminars are an ideal forum for discussions between your peers and professors on the most current scientific knowledge, thoughts and advances.

We maintain an outstanding reputation for teaching and research, with programs designed to place students at the forefront of today’s most cutting-edge scientific fields. Join the students who have gone on to medical school, dentistry, graduate studies at top North American Universities, and countless other opportunities after graduating with an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science at Brock. What are you waiting for? It’s your future, we’ll help you get there.

Notes From Our Graduates

“My professors were ALWAYS there for support and help throughout my entire 4 years. I would not be where I am today (working for a pharmaceutical company) without their guidance.”

“Some of the labs that I have done were unforgettable experiences. They were always challenging but the experience of actually doing science rather than just reading about it is worth the extra effort.”

“I’ll never forget the wonderful experiences I had in the classroom at Brock. The school would be nothing without its professors.”

“Overall my experience was quite positive, everyone from the students to TAs and professors added tremendous value to my education and experience with few exceptions.”

“What I liked about Brock was the smaller classroom size. I was able to get to know a lot of my professors, which was great.”

“I enjoyed my time at Brock and I feel very prepared for my graduate education this year.”

“Wonderful faculty, challenging yet fun and stimulating courses and a beautiful, well laid-out campus.”