Writing and study skills drop-in Christmas schedule : December 3rd-14th in TH 129

Monday-Thursday 9 AM to 4 PM, Friday 10 AM to 2 PM

Writing and study skills drop-in Christmas schedule in TH 242

December 12th-14th 4 PM to 7 PM

A-Z Learning Services provides free academic support for all Brock students to help them achieve their full potential in university and beyond. We offer social and professional support programs specifically designed to meet your needs and help you make the most of your university experience.

A-Z Learning Services offers almost 200 workshops on 70 different topics over the course of fall and winter terms. No matter what the topic of the workshop, we strive for small group discussion and active learning because we believe that we learn best when we learn together.

Show me the workshops!

Go to ExperienceBU to see a full list of our workshops and to RSVP.


Don’t see what you’re looking for in our ExperienceBU events?  You can order a custom workshop!


Drop-in support specifically dedicated to students registered in the FITA program.  Stop by TH 129 (Student Success Centre) for a quiet study space and to work through your class assignments alongside a learning skills specialist.  This drop in will provide a space where you can work quietly on your own and ask questions if/when they arise.  As A-Z Learning Services focuses on the learning process, instructors will not solve problems or edit essays for you.  Instead we’ll help you identify the strategies and develop the skills you need to solve those problems and to write and edit those papers yourself!

Note: FITA students are also welcome to use the General Writing and Study Skills Drop-in.

11:00-12:00Writing & Study SkillsWriting & Study SkillsWriting & Study Skills
12:00-13:00Writing & Study SkillsWriting & Study SkillsWriting & Study Skills
13:00-14:00Writing & Study SkillsWriting & Study SkillsWriting & Study Skills
14:00-15:00Writing & Study SkillsWriting & Study SkillsWriting & Study Skills
15:00-16:00Business WritingWriting & Study Skills
16:00-17:00Business WritingWriting & Study Skills
17:00-18:00Writing & Study SkillsWriting & Study Skills
18:00-19:00Writing & Study SkillsWriting & Study Skills

Drop by the drop-in (TH 129, Student Success Centre) to get feedback on your writing assignments or to pick up a few new study strategies. As A-Z Learning Services focuses on the learning process, staff will not edit essays or solve problems for you.  Instead we help you develop the skills you need to write and edit those papers and solve those problems yourself!

A few more rules:

  • We don’t look at papers the day they are due.  (We want you planning ahead and allowing time for revision.)
  • We limit drop-in services to one 30 minute visit per student per day.
09:00-10:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistryChemistry
10:00-11:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistryChemistry
11:00-12:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistryChemistry
12:00-13:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistryChemistry
15:00-16:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistryChemistry
16:00-17:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistry
17:00-18:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistry
18:00-19:00ChemistryBiology + PhysicsChemistryChemistry

The Science Drop-In Centre (Located in TH 133) is always hopping.  You might have to wade through the crowds to get in, but it’s a great crowd of student scientists and mathematicians who are excited about the work that they’re doing, and you’re likely to learn a lot and make some great friends along the way.

So, if you’re looking for support in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Math, drop-in and our excellent student staff will help you work through concepts and develop problem solving strategies.  (Our goal is to empower you and help you grow as a learner, so the staff will not solve problems for you.)

09:00-10:00Accounting & ITIS
10:00-11:00Accounting & ITIS
15:00-16:00Sports ManagementKinesiology
19:00-20:00Accounting & ITIS
20:00-21:00Accounting & ITIS

Looking for course specific support ? Swing by the drop-in at TH 129 (Student Success Centre) for guidance from some of our amazing student peers. Work through your example questions and the concepts you encounter in your courses. (The student peers will not provide answers to the questions but will guide you through the problem solving process to make you a stronger student).

The Accounting and ITIS Drop-In is organized in partnership with the Accounting Student Association (ASA).

The Finance Drop-In is organized in partnership with the Department of Finance, Operations, and Information Systems (FIOS).

The Kinesiology Drop-In is organized in partnership with the Kinesiology Student Association (KSA).

The Sports Management Drop-In is organized in partnership with the SPMA Council.


Academic-Zone is A-Z Learning Services online package of student supports. Academic-Zone modules include:

  • Academic integrity
  • Essay-Zone Basics
  • Essay-Zone Advanced
  • Grammar-Zone
  • Science-Zone: Lab reports
  • Numeracy-Zone: Calculations, algebra and statistics

If you’d like to access these resources, email and we’ll get you registered and send you a link.

The Tutor Registry is a pay-per-hour service available to both Brock students and community clients.  For more information, please see our full Tutor Registry page.

The Academic Integrity APF (Assess, Plan, Follow-Up) program is an educative process designed as a first response to academic misconduct charges. The program works to increase the student’s understanding of what constitutes academic misconduct as well as to provide the student with strategies and resources to avoid academic misconduct charges in the future.

When academic misconduct is identified, the Associate Dean or designate may require the student to complete the APF program, in addition to whatever academic penalties are determined.

Academic Integrity APF for Undergraduate Students

The program typically consists of the following 3 phases*, though the Associate Dean or designate may modify this:

  • The student meets with Learning Skills Specialist to discuss his/her approach to various academic tasks and to develop an action plan (i.e. decide which workshop the student will attend in addition to the Academic Integrity workshop)
  • The student attends two workshops, one of which has to be Academic Integrity unless otherwise specified by the Associate Dean or designate who requested the APF
  • The student responds to questions that require reflection on the APF process and emails them to

*The total time investment for the student is approximate 4 hours from beginning to end.

The Learning Skills Specialists reviews the responses to the reflective questions looking for personal accountability and concrete strategies for acting with integrity in the future.
If successful, Learning Services notifies the Associate Dean or designate of completion of the program. The Associate Dean or designate determines next steps (e.g., grades are released, and the record of the charge is sealed). For more information on Brock’s policy regarding academic misconduct, refer to the Academic Integrity Policy.

Getting Started on the APF program

When an Academic Integrity APF is assigned, the Dean or Chair notifies A-Z Learning Services (AZLS) that the student is expected to complete the program. It is the student’s responsibility to email (, call (x5774) or visit (TH 123) AZLS to initiate the process.