Plan your move to Niagara/ Canada

Moving into your first rental is an exciting time! Once your lease is signed, it’s time to start considering other aspects of moving to a new area. Below you will find information about local resources like transit and waste management. If you are moving from another country, International Services has resources just for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Transportation in Niagara

St. Catharines, Thorold and the surrounding areas are serviced by Niagara Regional transit. Many students are eligible for a U-Pass for the academic year. See BUSU or the GSA for more information.

For bus routes, maps, and to download the transit app, visit the Niagara Regional Transit website.

Garbage and Recycling in Niagara

Recycling and garbage pick-up happens every one to two weeks in Niagara.

Click here to find your collection day/schedule.

Recycling and composting are important parts of taking care of our environment. Using your compost bin can also help reduce garbage odors. Check Niagara Regional Waste for more information on what can go in your green bin.

Most homes are allowed two bags of garbage every two weeks. Dumping garbage illegally is a crime. To report illegal dumping, click here.

There has been a recent change in where you can pick up your green, blue and grey bins. Check Niagara Region Waste for more information.

Local Bylaws

Every city has their own set of bylaws and enforcement practices. Most cities have bylaws that limit the amount of noise that can be coming from your property, and standards for lawn care, waste management and snow removal. There are also bylaws that pertain to nuisance gatherings, and property safety.

Click here to learn more about bylaws in St Catharines.

Click here to learn about bylaws in Thorold.

Additional Resources for International Students

International Services at Brock has a variety of guided pathways and resources to assist you with your move to Canada.

Get help planning your move to Canada.
Immigration Advising.

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