Learning Services

Our mission is to increase the academic success and retention of all students at Brock University. We offer skills workshops and resources, drop-in academic support, and tutoring—for students by students—with additional opportunities for students who may have faced challenges getting to university.

“The path to success is different for everyone. We help you find the way that works best for you.”  

Our Services

Need academic support? Drop-by the Learning Services for support with math, science, studying, time management, research, essay writing, referencing sources and more!

Check out the Group Academic Support Winter schedule here.

Workshops are pre-scheduled 1hr live sessions on a variety of skills topics including time management, goal setting, increasing concentration, self-directed learning, essay writing, and exam preparation.
For a list of upcoming workshop dates and times visit the Learning Services page on ExperienceBU

Click here to download our WINTER 2024 workshop schedule

We offer one-on-one tutoring at competitive rates. Learn more on our tutoring page.


BU101 is a free, non-credit, asynchronous online academic skills program for undergraduate and graduate students to build technology, scheduling, notetaking, and studying skills.

We offer faculty-specific BU101 options to help you prepare for program demands such as science, academic writing, and mathematics. Each BU101 allows you to earn a Certificate of Completion.    

BU101 opens in the summer each year – visit the BU101 page for details.

BU101 Preview 2021

Avoiding Academic Misconduct 

Please take advantage of all of Learning Services’ free opportunities including workshop, academic drop-in, and asynchronous supports like BU101. If you’re not sure where to go, contact learning@brocku.ca and we’ll help you find what you need. 

Test your academic integrity decision making! Download our PDF scenarios 

Business (PDF)
Computer Science (PDF)
Humanities (PDF)
Math (PDF)
Science (PDF)

Learning Services works closely with faculty to support student academic integrity. Learn about academic integrity and review Brock’s Academic Integrity policy. 

Academic Misconduct 

Students who experience issues with academic integrity may be required to participate in different Learning Services programs.  Workshops are a common requirement 

  • These workshops are delivered by professional staff and common topics include Academic Integrity, Quotations vs. Paraphrases, Collaborating Effectively, and Time Management 
  • Make sure you register to the workshop required and that it is delivered by Learning services, for tracking purposes.  
  • If the workshop you need is not in our event list, email us at learning@brocku.ca and provide some date/time options.  
  • Review our workshop details on this webpage to see how to join on ExperienceBU 
  • Students attend workshops as requirements or as opt-in for their course participation grade, co-curricular record, or general interest.  

 Consultation with an Learning Specialist in another common requirement. In this 30-minute meetingthe Specialist can answer your questions, help you identify areas to strengthen, and co-develop a plan for success. Email learning@brocku.ca 

And you can check out our Student Resource page for help tip, tricks, and templates!

Information for...

If you are a graduate student looking for academic support, please contact learning@brocku.ca to request an appointment with one of our Learning Skills Specialists. Please indicate your program and the support you’re looking for. 

Academic Integrity

We provide support to students with questions or concerns about avoiding Academic Misconduct and maintaining Academic Integrity. We also offer grad-focused Academic Integrity workshops. 

Writing Consultations

We offer 1-hour writing support sessions as either consults (focused on writing skills) or critical reads (reviewing a writing sample with a Writing Specialist). For more information and to book a writing consultation, please visit the Graduate Academic Writing Supports page. 

Academic Skills Consultations 

Email learning@brocku.ca to request a 1-hour consultation with one of our Learning Skills Specialists focused on specific study skills, such as time management, conducting research, or any other aspect of academic life as a graduate student. 

GRAD 101 

A free, non-credit, asynchronous online academic skills program to help you develop experience with the technology used at Brock, notetaking, scheduling, and other study skills. For more information visit the BU101/GRAD 101 page. 


We offer a variety of academic skills workshops for graduate students, both regularly scheduled and on request. Frequently requested topics are listed below. Graduate students can request workshops for a group. We require a minimum of 5 students to deliver the workshop 

To request a workshop, please fill out the form linked on our faculty/staff page. 

    • Understanding Grad School 
    • Proposal Writing 
    • Graduate Time Management 
    • Designing Your Grad School Strategy 
    • Poster Presentations
    • Planning Your MRP/Thesis 

Welcome transfer students! Learning Services offers additional opportunities for you.

Transfer Connect

If you’re a student who has transferred to Brock from another post-secondary institution, you’re invited to join the Transfer Connect group.

Transfer Connect is a means for all of Brock’s transfer students to come together and share resources, stories and laughter. Established largely as a social group, the members drive the activities and events to suit their needs. We meet weekly to socialize, network, de-stress, get involved, trouble-shoot challenges, and chat about courses and assignments.

Transfer Success- Academic Support

As a new transfer student, you qualify for our Transfer Success Program which looks like this:

Meet with Transfer Student Experience Coordinator, Monica Drenth, for a short consultation to discuss available supports and explore your academic goals. After the consultation, you will be awarded up to 6 hours of free course-specific tutoring from successful upper-year Brock students (dependent on tutor availability and funding).

Click on the link below to book your consultation.


New transfer students may be eligible to receive free tutoring hours thanks to our transfer student grant! If you are interested in accessing transfer student tutoring, please complete our request form.

Resources & Information

Transfer Student Roadmap (PDF) – a quick guide to help you prepare for your first year at Brock.

Transfer Survey & Focus Group results (PDF)
Transfer Survey Overview (PDF)

Welcome mature students! Learning Services offers additional services for you. 

Returning or entering post-secondary after being out of school for some time may bring extra challenges. Theses may include technology, navigating campus, connecting with fellow students, academic/work balance, part-time studies, or competing family responsibilities.  

Join our Mature Student Groupon Microsoft Teams and meet other mature students and drive additional opportunities such as life and academic skills workshops and events.  We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your university journey.

Welcome Aboriginal students! Learning Services offers additional services for you. We partner with Brock’s Hadiyaˀdagénhahs First Nations, Métis and Inuit Student Centre to support you in your academics.