A-Z Learning Services

We are currently hiring 2020/21 tutors. Please click here for more information.

Our mission is to increase the academic success and retention of all students at Brock University. We offer skills workshops and resources, drop-in academic support, and tutoring—for students by students—with additional opportunities for students who may have faced challenges getting to university.

“The path to success is different for everyone. We help you find the way that works best for you.”  


A-Z Learning Services is still here to support students in their courses. In alignment with the University’s movement to online classes, A-Z Learning Services will be running online until further notice.  

Faculty and staff can support student success and retention by referring students to our services, increasing student incentive by awarding participation grades, and increasing students’ awareness by adding service information to your Sakai site or course syllabus.

Click here to review options and to access Faculty and Staff service request forms.

Students can connect directly with us for a variety of services.

Drop into the Drop-in to get support in your assignments from upper-year Brock students. See schedule below for support areas and time.
Common questions include math, science, studying, time management, research, essay writing and referencing sources.
What we do: We provide problem-solving, studying, and research writing strategies.
What we don’t do: We will not solve problems for you, evaluate answers, or edit written work.

How to Join
Our Drop-In service is currently available online using Microsoft Teams from Monday January 11 – Friday April 2 (excluding reading week).
Click here to join: Drop-In on Microsoft Teams.

Science Drop-In

Monday 1pm – 7pm EST
Tuesday 3pm – 8:30pm EST
Wednesday 11am – 8:30pm EST
Thursday 11am – 8:30pm EST
Friday 10am – 12pm EST
Sunday 1pm – 3pm EST

Writing Drop-In

Monday 5pm – 7pm EST
Tuesday 6pm – 8:30pm EST
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm EST
Thursday 1pm – 5pm EST
Sunday 1pm – 3pm EST

Math and Statistics

Monday 5pm - 7pm EST
Wednesday 5pm – 8:30pm EST


Thursday  5pm – 7pm EST

Open Study and Study Tips

Monday 1pm – 7pm EST
Tuesday 3pm – 8:30pm EST
Wednesday 11am – 8:30pm EST
Thursday 11am – 8:30pm EST
Friday 10am – 12pm EST
Sunday 1pm – 3pm EST

Computer Science

Wednesday 7pm – 8:30pm EST

Workshops are pre-scheduled 1hr live sessions on a variety of skills topics including time management, goal setting, increasing concentration, self-directed learning, essay writing, and exam preparation.
Currently all workshops are being delivered online using Microsoft Teams. See workshop dates and times on Brock’s Experience BU.
Please RSVP to the event and we will email you the link to join the morning of the workshop. If you would like to join the workshop anonymously, please select “join the Teams meeting by browser”.

Download our workshop schedule here. 

All tutoring will be delivered live and online. Tutoring is our only pay-for-use service.
Looking for tutoring? Click here.
Questions? Concerns? Email learning@brocku.ca 

The Drop-In is delivered by undergraduate students for undergraduate students. As such, if you are a graduate student looking for academic support please contact learning@brocku.ca to request an appointment with one of our Learning Skills Specialists. Please indicate your program and the support you’re looking for.


BU101 is a free, non-credit, asynchronous online academic skills program for incoming undergraduate students to build your technology, scheduling, notetaking, and studying skills. Additional lessons help you prepare for university science, math, statistics, and academic writing.

Click here to join BU101.


Academic-Zone is series of online learning tutorials to support students in the fundamental skills necessary for academic success. With Academic-Zone you can develop valuable skills, learn at your own pace, and tackle assignments more efficiently. Academic-Zone modules include:

  • Essay-Zone
  • Grammar-Zone
  • Science-Zone: Lab reports
  • Time Management
  • Academic integrity

Click here to join our Academic-Zone Sakai Site

If you have any questions gaining access to these resources, email learning@brocku.ca
Based on our Fall Survey, 90% of students were satisfied with their use of Academic-Zone!

Online Tips Sheets

Explore and download a variety of tips sheet from our student resource webpage.
Click here to explore A-Z Learning Services tip sheets.

Welcome transfer students! A-Z Learning Services offers additional opportunities for you.

Transfer Connect

If you’re a student who has transferred to Brock from another post-secondary institution, you’re invited to join the Transfer Connect group.

Transfer Connect is a means for all of Brock’s transfer students to come together and share resources, stories and laughter. Established largely as a social group, the members drive the activities and events to suit their needs. We meet weekly to socialize, network, de-stress, get involved, trouble-shoot challenges, and chat about courses and assignments. For Fall 2020, all meetings will take place online using Microsoft Teams.

Join Transfer Connect on Experience BU: https://experiencebu.brocku.ca/organization/transfer-connect.

 Transfer Success

If you have transferred to Brock from another post-secondary institution and are in your first year of studies at Brock, you have up to 6 hours of free tutoring available to use as you wish!

  1. Connect with Transfer Success Coordinator Monica Drenth mdrenth@brocku.ca or learning@brocku.ca
  2. Based on your academic goals and courses, you can book a tutor from our on-line Brock Tutoring booking system.

Note: Up to 6 hours for the Fall/Winter 2020-21 term, dependent on funding until March 31, 2021.

Welcome First Generation students! A-Z Learning Services offers additional opportunities for you.

As a First Generation student, your parents did not attend post-secondary education and, in many ways, you are blazing your own trail which brings excitement, challenge, and opportunity.
During the Fall and Winter term, we run additional events for First Generation students, including our Trailblazer event. Please visit Brock’s online calendar Experience BU for event information.
You’re also invited to join our online First Generation Hub which is an online discussion group. Meet other First Generation students and share ideas about social and academic supports.
We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your university journey. Click here to join the First Generation Hub on Microsoft Teams.