Brock Society of Off-Campus Students

As a student living off-campus, you are eligible to join Brock Society of Off-Campus Students 

Why should you join Brock SOCS? 

Have questions? Get Answers! You will have access to an exclusive, off-campus mentor for 9 weeks! Ask about Brock resources, community events and all things living off-campus! 

Stay Informed about what is happening in your neighbourhood and community. Hear about things like festivals and events, and get important reminders about things like winter street parking bans and more!  

Meet people and Get Involved! Connect with your mentor and other students who live in your community. Find out what students around you are doing, and meet up with other off-campus students to attend events all year round!

Access to Online Community for 2023-2024: Join to get access to our private Discord Server for Brock SOCS! Here we will post about exclusive events and giveaways for off-campus students. You will be added to a location based channel in Discord so that you can chat with other students who live near you!

Click here to sign up today!