Brock Leaders Citizenship Society

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The Brock Leaders Citizenship Award is awarded to entering students who have achieved exceptional academic success, outstanding leadership and community involvement.

By accepting the award the student is also inducted into the prestigious Brock Leaders Citizenship Society. The total value of the award is $8,000 ($2,000 per year) and is renewable each year the student remains a member of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society.

In order to maintain membership in the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society each year, members must:

  • Maintain a minimum average of 80% in full time studies.
  • Perform a minimum of 40 hours of community service for the fall/winter term.
  • Complete at least one level of the Foundations in Leadership Program each year.
  • Attend all mandatory BLCS meetings and events.

BLCS Application

If you feel you have what it takes to join the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society fill out an application today.

BLCS members continue to achieve academic success while utilizing their past leadership abilities to continue to grow, motivate, organize, inspire and create opportunities for themselves, University and the surrounding community.

Throughout the fall/winter sessions at Brock, the BLCS is committed to providing their skills and expertise to both the University and the surrounding communities such as St. Catharines, Thorold, Pelham and Niagara-on-the-Lake. Members who return home during the summer are strongly encouraged to maintain their level of contribution to their residential community.

The members of the BLCS are always looking to become part of large initiatives at Brock. They are dedicated individuals who desire to be part of events in the university and community. Through regular meetings and constant communication, members of the BLCS plan their initiatives and execute them with the leadership abilities that first enabled them to become part of the organization.

Why citizenship?

The Oxford English Dictionary states citizenship is “the qualities that a person is expected to have as a responsible member of a community”.

Membership into the society is earned through past academic achievement and citizenship contributions and requires a continued commitment to personal academic success and community involvement while at Brock University.

What is the role of the University in the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society?

The role of the University is to foster and support exceptional members in achieving extraordinary things while at the University. To achieve this role the University will provide development and opportunities for members to excel as campus leaders and citizens of their communities.

 What is the role of the society within the University?

The role of the society is to connect campus leaders with each other to further both their personal development as well as their involvement in the community. To achieve this role the society will be charged with creating an environment for networking, fostering ideas and sharing projects aimed at bettering the University and the community as a whole.

Our Vision

We envision a group of passionate Brock University students channeling their strengths to inspire themselves and others to invoke positive change within the Brock, local, and global communities.

Our Mission

The mission of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society is to unite exceptional students, and nurture their growth into the leaders of tomorrow by fostering their desire to learn, strengthening their character, and encouraging fellowship. An emphasis on academic excellence, leadership development, and philanthropic community service will help us to achieve this objective.

Our Motto

Brock Leaders Citizenship Society: Lead the Change.

Our History

The Brock Leaders Citizenship Society  was created in 2008, and was Ontario’s first university honours society. Brock University’s on-going commitment to student leadership and the creation of community minded citizens, lead to the development of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS).  The program, based on the successful Luckyday Foundation Citizenship Scholars Program at the University of Southern Mississippi, was created to inspire and foster student leadership in the community for academically exceptional students.

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Congratulations to the 2019-2020 incoming BLCS class!

  • Lindsay Adoranti
  • Oana Balint
  • Jana Bataineh
  • Sally Bellevue
  • Emily Bonisteel
  • Emma Brownlee
  • Mikellie Clarkson
  • Jessica Darby
  • Jordan Gabriele
  • Brooke Harvey
  • Julia Howcroft
  • Daniel Krowchuk
  • Benjamin Mandigo
  • Evelin Melekh
  • Olivia Mete
  • Annilea Purser

2018-2019  BLCS class

  • Alexandra Adam
  • Ruth Benoy
  • Alexandra Bula
  • Jacob Downes
  • Marcus Fogh
  • Evan Fraser
  • Thoreau Goodman
  • Madison House
  • Julie Luth
  • Sophia Nelson
  • Sierra Orfei
  • Jessica Sardella
  • Vani Sharma
  • Ryan Somerville

2017-2018  BLCS class

  • Haroop Ahuja
  • Rebecca Balyk
  • Luca D’Amico
  • John Gobin
  • Zachery Harrietha
  • Sarah Joseph
  • Brielle Kaminsky
  • Emma Mete
  • Dario Smagata-Bryan
  • Hope Tuff-Berg

2016-2017  BLCS class

  • Mahreen Abdullah
  • Lauren Battel
  • Avery Cooke
  • Krista Gowan
  • Meghan Hickey
  • Katelynn Hilborn
  • Shaila Jamani
  • Abby MacNaught
  • Evelyn Miloud
  • Celyn Ouellet
  • Rachel Richards
  • Nicolas Sardella
  • Autumn Wild

2015-2016  BLCS class

  • Akayla Olajos
  • Allison Ives
  • Anushka Lalwani
  • Carter Hoffman
  • Elizabeth Colantoni
  • Jonah Graham
  • Mary Lapp
  • Melissa Yeo
  • Shraddha Khirwadkar
  • Tayler Villamere
  • Thaniya Jeyachandra
  • Thomas Hewitt
  • Victoria Parlatore

2014-2015  BLCS class

  • Aynsley Maves
  • Craig Maltais
  • Emily Schaefer
  • Heather Wild
  • Jillien Lortie
  • Lauren Saly
  • Mackenzie Ceci
  • Mackenzie Ceci
  • Meagan Gloor
  • Nicholas Lepore
  • Olivia Poulin
  • Shabana Jamani

2013-2014  BLCS class

  • Aniqah Zowmi
  • Casey Lawrence
  • Dalton Steele
  • Daniel Mariella
  • Evan Nohara
  • Eve Ameen
  • Ian Poulin
  • John Mikhaeil
  • Megan Brown
  • Miranda Wayland
  • Rachel Easterbrook
  • Robert Chung

2012-2013  BLCS class

  • Adam Zoccoli
  • Allyssa Cleaves
  • Alyssa Berardocco
  • David Nguyen
  • Joshua Farkas
  • Meaghan Walker
  • Michael Dube
  • Michael Pratas
  • Olivia Hubert
  • Rachel Donohue-Miller
  • Rebecca Lepore
  • Shanice Stewart
  • Veronica Dunlop

2011-2012  BLCS class

  • Alexandra Yakovleva
  • Alyce Soulodre
  • Amanda Hendriks
  • Eleni Nicolaides
  • Jennifer Philpott
  • Julia Wood
  • Melanie Pfaeffli
  • Michaella Coolen
  • Rachel Chrissley
  • Stephanie Konrad
  • Zan Dominick
  • Zoe Walters

2010-2011  BLCS class

  • Alicia Mancuso
  • Alicia Marie DeVries
  • Charissa DiMarco
  • Colin Glavac
  • Elizabeth Angotti
  • Hope Magnus
  • Paul Nohara
  • Stephanie Gumieniak
  • Taylor Jones
  • Tyler Plyley

2009-2010  BLCS class

  • Amanda Slamka
  • Brittany VanDyken
  • Emma Dunn
  • Huzaifa Faizan
  • Jennifer Nurse
  • Jera Bortolussi
  • Kristina Wamboldt
  • Laura Broley
  • Mauryah Burattini
  • Michael Dier
  • Rachel Brodie
  • Stephanie Farmer

2008-2009  BLCS class

  • Adam Boettger
  • Assuntina Del Gobbo
  • Kaitlin Bynkoski
  • Rohan Kothari
  • Tessa Lofthouse

Connect with us

For questions and more information, email or contact:

Kristen Smith
Manager, Student & Community Outreach
905 688 5550 x3845

Megan Brown
Community Engagement Coordinator
905 688 5550 x6671