Alphie’s Trough – The Faith and Life Centre

Formerly the Staff and Graduate Student lounge, the Faith and Life Centre now finds its home in one of the most beautiful spaces on campus. Set into the escarpment, right on the Bruce Trail, the FLC is a peaceful escape from the bustle of the University campus. You can find us right at the end of Thistle hallway, headed South down the hill.

The FLC is a space for all students, and all student clubs – religious or otherwise. Part of the space is designated as a drop-in quiet study space, while the other half is primarily used for religious practices, i.e. prayer groups, Bible studies, and discussion groups.

Contact Chaplain Zack DeBruyne for further information about booking the space:

Muslim Prayer Room

The Muslim Prayer Room is located at DeCew 227 (Which is temporarily inaccessible due to Summer construction. Set to be completed in August 2019).

It is opened and closed, Monday to Friday, on the same schedule that the DeCew Residence is opened and closed: approximately 8:30am to 6:30pm.

Rita Welch Meditation Room

The Rita Welch Meditation Room is located in the McKenzie Chown A building, right beside the Sankey Chambers.

It is a drop-in quiet space for meditation or prayer. Individuals should be respectful of one another privacy. The lounge is occasionally used for campus student or departmental meetings.


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