Brock Cares Alternative Reading Week

Brock Cares and Brock Cares Alternative Reading Weeks provide students the opportunity to get involved in hands-on community projects throughout the year.

There are a variety of projects offered that allow you to participate locally during both breaks or to do some travelling during the February Reading Week to work with our international community partners.

Brock Cares Day of Service

Brock Cares Days of Service brings together Brock volunteers from across the University to participate in community projects within the Niagara Region. We work with community partners to develop the projects and recruit Brock volunteers to assist with the various projects identified by our Niagara community partners. We look for engaged, enthusiastic and committed volunteers to join us for the day and our hope is that they will continue to be involved in our community throughout the school year.

Brock Cares takes place each year in September and October.

Visit us on ExperienceBU to find out more about upcoming or past Days of Services and to volunteer for a community project during this event.

If you are from a community organization looking to submit a project proposal for volunteers, please email us at

Brock Cares Alternative Reading Week

During the October and February Reading Weeks, students are given the opportunity to get involved in local and international hands-on community projects.

Past partners include Habitat for Humanity (Niagara, South Carolina and El Salvador), Outreach 360 (Dominican Republic), Lincoln County Humane Society (St. Catharines) and Heartland Forest (Niagara Falls).

For information about upcoming trips, contact us at