Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is a process, not a position. Everyone is capable of leading. At Brock University, we aspire to offer leadership opportunities to every type of leader. Whether it is a one-off workshop, our certificate programs, or our full conferences, there are so many ways for students to engage in leadership development. 

Programs offered are as diverse as our students. Get involved in a capacity, commitment level and scope that best suits your schedule! Be driven by your passion and purpose; leave your comfort zone, challenge yourself and grow as a leader. 

Brock Leads features bitesize, digestible and interactive workshops and content for you to explore and hone your leadership skills at Brock and beyond. 

Are you interested in learning more about leadership and unlocking your own leadership style? Why is leadership important in the 21st Century? How can you be a leader in your community? How can you and others use your leadership styles to enact positive change for yourself, your fellow students, and your community at large? Brock Leads is for you! Brock Leads currently includes the following topics: 

  • Leadership 101 
  • Facilitation 101 
  • Conflict Management and Resolution 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Find Your Why 
  • And more to come! Let us know what topics you would like to see 

How to Join: Join our ExperienceBU page to hear about all upcoming Brock Leads Workshops! 

Foundations in Leadership is a professional development series that enhances skills necessary to empower leaders across disciplines and situations. Leaders that invest in strong foundations are best positioned to be impactful in meaningful leadership opportunities. Find out more here. 

How to Join: Foundations in Leadership programming begins in October each academic year. Join our Experience BU Site to stay on top of our mailing list and all upcoming workshop and event registrations! See you in our workshops soon! 

The Brock Student Leadership Summit (BSLS) is an annual leadership conference hosted right here on Brock’s campus, and inspires attendees to discover and embrace their personal authentic leadership style in Niagara and beyond. Students from all around Niagara come together to share leadership stories, past lessons and experiences. This day is designed to ignite participant’s drive for personal and professional growth, stimulate reflection, and to engage the campus community in an environment that encourages networking and idea sharing. 

Held at Brock in January every year, the summit addresses a wide range of topics in leadership and features a variety of workshops and sessions presented by Brock students, as well as professionals. 

How to Join: Join our ExperienceBU page and keep an eye on this website for all information regarding BSLS. You can participate in several ways, including the conference planning committee, presenting, volunteering, or simply participating and engaging in the day! 

The Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) is a high-impact, experiential leadership development initiative that provides students with an opportunity to develop real-world leadership skills and work collaboratively with other students. 

Experience a life-changing learning opportunity, impress employers, and develop valuable leadership skills that will set you apart for years. Join the Collegiate Leadership Competition team and represent Brock University! 

How to Join: Applications often open in December via ExperienceBU, with the competition happening towards the end of the Winter term. Find out more here. 

Outside of our amazing sessions and workshops, there are several honour societies and clubs on campus that you can get involved with! a look below for links to relevant groups on campus: 

  • Honour Societies: The Brock Leaders’ Citizenship Society and Golden Key International Honor Society both act as established bodies on campus recognizing both leadership qualities and strong academics in students at Brock. Find out about applications and joining these groups here. 
  • Leaders at Brock: Acting as a BUSU-ratified club on campus, Leaders at Brock seeks to embrace all students with a passion for leadership by providing them with soft skill-building workshops, community engagement opportunities aligning with their interests, and above all, a space where everyone can feel, seen, heard, and valued. Join them on their ExperienceBU page to connect with fellow leaders around campus. 
  • Want another group focused on leadership shared here? Let us know by emailing leadership@brocku.ca with your details!