Foundations in Leadership

To build anything, you first need a strong foundation. Building your skills and knowledge is no different.

The Foundations in Leadership Professional Development Series is designed to give you increased self-awareness and provide you with the skills you need to be an effective leader. We believe that leaders who invest in strong foundational skills are best positioned to be impactful in meaningful leadership opportunities.

Our unique four-level program offers practical application and practice time in a collaborative learning environment. As you progress through each level, you will receive certification and build your self-awareness and skills in a variety of areas.

Explore our unique four-level program

Foundations in Interpersonal Communications

The Bronze level develops listening for understanding and communications skills. Strong interpersonal communication skills and self-responsible expression are the
foundation upon which future leadership skills are built. In Bronze, you will:

  • Develop listening skills (verbal and non-verbal) so that you are able to focus on listening for understanding
  • Develop self-expression skills to be able to respectfully and responsibly give constructive feedback
  • Gain an understanding of your own interpersonal communication habits and learn how to communicate in a way that builds interpersonal relationships

Foundations in Problem Solving and Conflict Management

The Silver level encourages critical thinking, provides problem solving strategies and teaches conflict management skills. Critical and creative thinking, conflict resolution
and problem solving skills are crucial for innovative leaders. In Silver, you will:

  • Develop your problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills
  • Learn about what can block creative problem solving and strategies for engaging your creativity
  • Learn your conflict management style and conflict tactics
  • Gain experience in using communication skills within a model of conflict mediation that promotes win-win conflict outcomes

Foundations in Group Work

The Gold level increases awareness and understanding of group roles, dynamics and interactions. Identifying group norms and processes are essential for effective leaders
working in teams. In Gold, you will:

  • Learn about working models for group processes, assisting you in diagnosing group problems, predicting group needs and building on group strengths
  • Learn what affects the development of group norms and how to influence the development of a positive group climate
  • Become familiar with various group member functions and understand why they are necessary
  • Strengthen your observation skills through practice with several group observation tools
  • Have an understanding of, and experience with, the facilitation of productive task-group meetings, and apply their skills from the bronze and silver levels to enhance problem-solving and decision-making in groups

Foundations in Leadership Style

The Platinum level empowers leaders by increasing their awareness of strengths, followers’ needs and motivating others. The path to great leadership starts with a deep understanding of the strengths you and your team bring to the table. In Platinum, you will:

  • Learn about different leadership and following styles, and explore the positive and negative impact of your own style on your ability to lead
  • Develop a number of strategies to become more task-effective and to manage the stress associated with a dynamic lifestyle
  • Gain a realistic picture of your strengths and weaknesses for future development
  • Add to your skills and strategies in other areas, such as motivating others and yourself, as well as learning about positive mentor behaviours

The Details

Each level requires 10 hours of in-class time, plus approximately 60 minutes of online or at home preparation (readings and reflection questions).

Courses take place on the weekends and are offered as either Weekend Courses (Saturday/Sunday) or Saturday Courses (two consecutive Saturdays).

The cost is $50 per level.

Participants must complete the levels in order, starting with Bronze, as each level builds on the one before.

Sessions take place from September – April on the weekends. We offer courses that take place all on one weekend – Saturday and Sunday; or over two consecutive Saturdays.

Each level consists of two days of class, with 5 hours of class plus 1 hour break each day; typically from 10am – 4pm.

Classes will not run over the Reading Weeks or the exam periods to ensure you have time to focus on your academics!

You will find a full list of the upcoming courses on the Leadership Programs ExperienceBU page

Order a Workshop: Don’t see a course that fits your schedule? Have a group of people (friends, club members, co-workers) who would all like to take the class together? You can order a workshop for your group – click here to learn how.

Each Foundations in Leadership course costs $50.

Courses will be created and posted as events on Leadership Programs page on ExperienceBU. Those who are interested in attending a Foundations course can RSVP on ExperienceBU.

Once you have RSVP’d, a leadership staff member will confirm your eligibility to enroll in the course and follow up with a link to make payment for the course.

You are not officially enrolled in the course until payment has been made.

Payment for the course must be made prior to the payment deadline, which is 5 business days prior to the first class. Payments can be made online via credit card, or in-person with cash at the Student Life Involvement Commons MC A204.

Students can also join the Leadership Programs page to ensure they receive emails when new courses are opened.

To ensure the best learning experience for all participants, we require a minimum number of participants per class; we also set a maximum number of participants for each level as well.

Level Minimum Maximum
Bronze 8 22
Silver 8 22
Gold 10 22
Platinum 10 22


If the minimum number of confirmed (paid) participants is not reached 4 business days prior to the first class, the course will be canceled, and registrants will be notified.

Policies & Important Information

We understand that schedules can change and despite a registrant’s best intentions they may not be able to attend a course.

If you cannot attend a course for which you have registered, you must withdraw from the course no later than 10 am 4 business days prior to the first class by emailing

Registrants who withdraw prior to the deadline are entitled to receive a full refund.

Registrants who cancel after the withdraw deadline but at least 48 hours prior to the first class, may choose to either:

  • Receive a partial refund of 50% of the course fee, or
  • Apply the full amount as a credit for a course within the same academic year of the original course. If no other courses are offered within this period, the first option will apply.

Registrants who are a no-show, or who do not cancel with at least 48 hours notice will not receive a refund.

Exceptions to this process will be made only for registrants in emergency situations (e.g. serious illness, family crisis, etc.), and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Payment Deadline5 business days prior to first class
If the first class is on Saturday, the payment deadline is the Sunday evening prior
Withdraw Deadline – with a full refund10 am 4 business days prior to first class
If the first class is on Saturday, the withdraw deadline is 10am on the Tuesday prior
Cancellation Deadline – with a 50% refund48 hours prior to the first class
If the first class is 10am on Saturday, the cancellation deadline is 10am on Thursday.

A maximum of up to two hours of instruction time may be missed for emergency purposes. If more than two hours are missed, participants may continue to attend, but will not be permitted to write the final quiz and receive certification.  This includes both sessions missed and arriving late to class.

Participants at all levels must demonstrate that they have a basic grasp of the skills and concepts and must fully participate in the program.  To successfully complete each level, participants must finish all tasks and successfully pass the final quiz.

Participants who fail the course due to attendance or who fail to pass the quiz, are not eligible to receive a refund.

In the case of inclement weather or other events affecting Brock’s ability to operate, we reserve the right to cancel courses.

Furthermore, we may cancel a course if the number of registrants for the course does not meet our minimums. If the minimum number of confirmed (paid) participants is not reached 4 business days prior to the first class, the course will be canceled.

In the event of a course cancellation, registrants will receive notice as soon as possible, via the email account entered during the registration process.

Participants will receive a full refund for a course cancelled by Leadership Programs.

Once a course is full, we will waitlist participants on a first come, first served basis. Email to be added to the wait list.

Should space become available, waitlist requests will be processed in the order in which they were received.


Yes. Participants must complete the levels in order, starting with Bronze, as each level builds on the one before.

Courses will be created and posted as events on Leadership Programs page on ExperienceBU.

To register, RSVP to the course on ExperienceBU and a staff member will follow up with payment and registration details..

When the ExperienceBU event says ‘No Spots Available’ it means that the course is currently full. If you are interested in joining the course, simply email to be added to the wait list.

We will wait list participants on a first come, first served basis; and as soon as space becomes available we will email you to let you know.

Leadership sends a confirmation of registration email to all registrants at least five (5) business days before the first day of the course. Participants who register after this will not receive a reminder email, but are still expected to attend and will not be eligible for a refund if they are absent without notice being given to the event organizers at in accordance with the above cancellation and refund policy.

Absolutely! Our program is open to all Brock students, both undergraduate and graduates, as well as alumni and faculty and staff.

Yes! However, we do require a minimum of people in each level. All participants must meet the eligibility requirements of the level. If your group does not meet the minimum, we can still create a class for your group but we will have to open registration to others until the minimum is met.

Level Minimum
Bronze 8
Silver 8
Gold 10
Platinum 10

Currently we do not offer any scheduled courses over the summer. However, if you have a group of people interested in the same level, we will offer a custom level at a time that works for you. Email for details.


 Visit us on ExperienceBU, email
or visit us in the Student Life Involvement Commons (MC A204).

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