Student Resources

These are some free resources provided by Learning services to help you understand how YOU learn best. Discover tips on acing exams, essay writing, building a study schedule and much more below: 

Budgeting Basics

Excel Basics

FOSS NoteTaking

FOSS Time Management

Note-taking Tips

Goal Setting

Time Management

Tips for Reaching out to Professors and Supports

Term Planner template

Weekly Schedule template

Tips for Online Learning

Tips for collaborating successfully in online group projects

Etiquette and Expectations for Online Forums

Tips for Online Learning: Preparing for a Video Call

Tips for Online Exam

Detailed Essay Template

Essay Writing - Getting Started

Essay Writing - Organizing your paper

Essay Writing - Revisions Checklist

Essay Writing - Revisions for impact

Writing Reflections Snapshot

FOSS Plagiarism

FOSS Quoting and Paraphrasing

APA guide 6th edition

APA guide 7th edition

Chicago guide

Break Down Assignments template

Problem Analysis for Tests

Studying for Sciences

Exam Prep Handout

5 Day Study Plan Workbook

Create your Study Plan

Rearranging Equations

Dissecting Word Problems in Math and Science

Statistics and Math Course Prep

Intermolecular Forces

Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

Standard Normal Distribution(z) Table

Basic Steps for Hypothesis Testing

Calculating Basic Limits

Definition of a Derivative