Get Involved on Campus

Your Brock experience is not just about what you are learning in the classroom, it is about everything you do while you are here! Make the most of your time at Brock by engaging in experiences beyond the classroom.

How Student Life can help you be involved on-campus

Want some help or advice on getting involved? Are you looking to network, connect, lead, build your skills or just talk through an idea you have? Or maybe you just want some information about living off-campus, ExperienceBU and the CWC or finding your way in first year? Come and talk to us in the Student Life Involvement Commons.

Campus Events

There are so many cool events that we do through the year, we don’t even have space to list them all here! That’s why we have our Student Life page on ExperienceBU

Leadership Development

Are you interested in building your skills? Check out our leadership opportunities like Foundations in Leadership or the Student Leadership Network.


ExperienceBU is Brock’s online involvement portal and events calendar. Find events to attend, clubs to join and be recognized for your involvement in the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum path!

Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum

Finding ways to be involved can be overwhelming, we know! So to help you make the most of your experiences beyond the classroom, we have developed the Campus-Wide Co-curriculum (CWC) –  a unique guide to help you navigate opportunities that will help you get involved, gain skills and knowledge outside the classroom.

Other Ways to Get Involved at Brock

Getting involved in student government is a great way to meet new people, develop valuable skills, and make a difference on campus.

There are hundreds activities  happening on-campus throughout the year –check out a varsity game, take in the arts at Marilyn I Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, walk with the Brock float in Niagara parades or attend a workshop to enhance you skills. There is so much happening finding activities that interest you is sure to be a breeze!

With over 200 student clubs, department and faculty associations, there is something for everyone. And even if you don’t find something that interests you, start your own club!

You can volunteer on campus, in the community or abroad. Take that next step—get involved! Not only are you going to feel good about making a difference, but your resume is also going to thank you.

Finding part time work on campus is a great way for you to get experience, develop skills for future careers, and of course, make money while studying at Brock. There are many job opportunities available for students on campus and there are several ways to go about finding those jobs.

Want to be part of the change you want to see on campus? Be an advocate. Advocating is the process of research, promotion, lobbying and direct action to make a change that will better the community as a whole. Being an advocate means standing up for what you believe in, as well as what is best for your community, and lobbying for that belief to become reality.

Sports fanatic? Need to blow off some steam? De-stress a little? Get in the Zone. Join a fitness class or try a personal trainer. Give intramurals a try or check out a varsity game. Get out there and get energized!

Brock University offers a variety of Experiential Learning Opportunities for student employment and career preparation, on and off campus. Experiential learning at Brock incorporates both alternatives that are integral to students’ academic programs, and alternatives that are optional, non-credit services for students.

Residence isn’t just bricks and mortar. Residence at Brock is a warm and inviting atmosphere and it’s the people that make it the best place to live. Whether as a Residence Life staff member, a member of the Residence Action Council, or helping residence students at the service desk, there are lots of opportunities to support Residence life.

Whatever your interests, there are SO many ways you can be involved – discover your passions, build your skills, meet new people, and make a difference. It does not matter how you are involved, it only matters that you are!