Prepare for your academics on Sakai, the home of your online academic courses.

BU101 is a free online academic skills program that you can complete at your own pace before your classes begin. Build your technology, scheduling, notetaking, and studying skills. Get a sneak peek at a course syllabus and develop additional skills in university science, math, statistics, and academic writing.

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Click on the BU101 module tailored for your faculty of study.


The lessons in BU101 vary depending on the version that you choose. Below are the 5 core lessons in the majority of BU101 versions:

  1. Tech Skills and Assignments
    • Check your technology systems, set up email, upload/download documents on Sakai, explore Teams and Lifesize for online video calls, and test Sakai features such as forums, test & quizzes, and gradebook.
  2. Planning your Term
    • See a course syllabus, plan a course term using sample course syllabi, and explore time management strategies for on-line and on-campus courses.
  3. Preparing for Class
    • Explore reading, notetaking, seminar/lab, and study strategies and practice notetaking using real course lectures.
  4. Academic Integrity
    • Learn about academic integrity expectations and resources and complete a quiz that provides you with real student situations.
  5. Research and Writing
    • Explore expectations for university academic writing specific to your program of study and learn about valuable resources such as the Brock Library.

Optional lessons include science prep, math prep, and statistics prep which are available in relevant BU101 faculty versions.

Although highly recommended, you are not required to complete BU101. Some course instructors may award a participate grade to students who complete BU101 and it’s best to complete BU101 before courses start, to make the most of your time, troubleshoot your technology, and identify strategies that you will use for your courses.

All students are invited to join BU101, not just incoming first-year students. You can also explore as many BU101 sites as you like and complete as many activities as you like!

No, BU101 is not a course; it is a resource. BU101 is hosted on Sakai to help you familiarize yourself with the platform because many of your courses will be hosted on Sakai and use its features.

Completion of BU101 is optional as a resource to help you prepare for your courses at Brock. Some professors may award participation grades for completing BU101, so we recommend that you complete BU101 in August before classes start.

You can explore ANYTHING on the BU101 site and explore as many versions as you wish. Not completing BU101 has no negative impact on your success at Brock, aside from lost participation marks if your professor is granting them for your course.


After clicking to join BU101, you will be taken to the “Welcome” page on the BU101 Sakai site.

This page explains the lessons to complete BU101. Each lesson will list tasks. Review your scores on the BU101 Sakai “Gradebook” tool. You must achieve 100% on all BU101 required tasks to complete BU101.

To redo any quiz, you can click on the quiz in the lesson or click on the “Test & Quizzes” tool on Sakai. Quizzes are graded automatically.

To redo any assignment submission, you can click on the assignment in the lesson or click on the “Assignment” tool on Sakai. Assignment submissions are not graded automatically. Please expect at least one business day (24hr) for grading.

How long it takes to complete BU101 will depend on the faculty version you choose. Most versions give you five lessons to complete which may take between 5 and 8 hours. Not all faculty versions of BU101 are the same so time to complete may vary.

Lessons to complete include technology challenges, planning your term challenges, informational videos, and quizzes to test your understanding.

Since BU101 is fully asynchronous, you can complete tasks in smaller sessions, leaving and returning as it fits your scheduling and learning style.

BU101 also offers optional lessons. You can explore these lessons based on your individual interests and return any time during the year.

Absolutely! You can click on another version from this Orientation page or click on another version from BU101 on Sakai under “After BU101: Next Steps” on BU101 Sakai.

If your professor is granting participation grades for completing BU101, please complete the version that your professor requests. If you have different professors requesting different versions, please complete required lesson activities for both versions of BU101.

Each version of BU101 offers a certificate of completion that you can access from the BU101 site Certification tab.  You can save or print the certificate from this tab.

Each certificate is unique to the version of BU101 you choose, so ensure that you’ve completed the correct version if your professor is granting a participation grade.

If you have any questions, email A-Z Learning Services at learning@brocku.ca


We are here for you!

BU101 weekly online chats
You can join one of our chat from 10-11am EST every Wednesday throughout the month of August. To access the chat:

  1. Join BU101 on Sakai
  2. Join Teams from the BU101 Sakai menu.

Live BU101 Peer Panels
These peer panels will be offered at the end of August. Click here to see upcoming A-Z Learning Services events and RSVP on Experience BU.

Email us
You can also email orientation@brocku.ca or our service A-Z Learning Services learning@brocku.ca with your concern or question.

Tech Support
If you need help with your technology, please contact Brock’s ITS Help Desk: IT FAQs

Sakai is Brock University’s online learning management system. This video will give you a quick tutorial on how to access the system, and the types of things you’ll be using Sakai for.

Sakai allows you to decide which course sites to show on your top menu bar.

You can access your preferred sites from the Sakai top menu bar from the “waffle” icon. . Click on the waffle and then click to star any of your sites that you want to visible in your top menu.

After joining, you will have access to BU101 throughout the 2021/22 academic terms.


Join one of our online BU101 help chats
Every Wednesday in August from 10-11am EST.


At all times, we are here to help!