Prepare for your academics on Sakai, the home of your online academic courses.

BU101 is a free online academic skills program that you can complete at your own pace before your classes begin. Build your technology, scheduling, notetaking, and studying skills. Get a sneak peek at a course syllabus and develop additional skills in university science, math, statistics, and academic writing.

BU101 will open August 1, 2021.

As a new, incoming Brock student you will receive information about the program this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sakai is Brock University’s online learning management system. This video will give you a quick tutorial on how to access the system, and the types of things you’ll be using Sakai for.

Although highly recommended, you are not required to complete BU101. Some course instructors may award a participate grade to students who complete BU101 and it’s best to complete BU101 before courses start, to make the most of your time, troubleshoot your technology, and identify strategies that you will use for your courses.

All students are invited to join BU101, not just incoming first-year students. You can also explore as many BU101 sites as you like and complete as many activities as you like!


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