BU101 is a free, non-credit, asynchronous, online academic skills program that you can complete at your own pace to help you get ready and feel prepared for your upcoming courses at Brock University!

With BU101, you can familiarize yourself with Brightspace and learn key strategies for scheduling, note-taking, attending lectures and seminars, studying, researching, and writing! You will also get a sneak peak at a course syllabus and sample lectures from several of the professors here at Brock!


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The lessons in BU101 vary depending on the faculty version that you choose. Below are the 5 core lessons in the majority of BU101 versions:

  1. Tech Skills and Assignments
    • Check your technology systems, set up your Brock Student email, explore Microsoft Teams for online video calls, and test Brightspace features such as assignment submissions, discussions, test & quizzes, and surveys.
  2. Planning your Term
    • Explore a sample course syllabus, build a detailed term plan to help keep you on track throughout your first semester, and learn effective time management strategies.
  3. Preparing for Class
    • Explore strategies to prepare effectively for lectures and seminars, including various note-taking and reading strategies. You will also get to see a few sample university lectures from your own faculty!
  4. Academic Integrity
    • Learn about academic integrity expectations and explore common challenges faced by new students such as avoiding academic misconduct, collaborating effectively with others, and correctly citing your work.
  5. Research and Writing
    • Explore effective strategies for university academic writing, specific to your program of study, and learn about the valuable resources available to you through Learning Services and the Brock Library.

Optional lessons include science prep, math prep, and statistics prep which are available in relevant BU101 faculty versions.

While some students may be required to complete BU101 as per program or professor requirements, it is highly encouraged for all students to participate. Completing the program will help you feel more prepared and confident during your transition to Brock University. We recommend completing BU101 as early in the term as possible to help you start out on the right track.

BU101 is NOT a for-credit course but an academic orientation program designed to ease your transition to your courses at Brock University.
BU101 is hosted on Brightspace, the same platform used for your program courses, allowing you to become more familiar with its features and tools.


To complete BU101 and receive your BU101 Certificate of Completion, you must:

  • Explore all modules
  • Achieve a grade of 100% on all quizzes & assignments
  • Post one (1) thread/reply in the “Discussions” tab

All faculty versions of BU101 consist of 5 modules, requiring approximately 8 hours to complete. These modules include technology-related tasks, term planning, informational videos, and quizzes to test your understanding. As BU101 is fully asynchronous, you have the flexibility to complete the tasks in smaller sessions, leaving and returning as it fits your schedule and learning style.

Absolutely! You can explore as many faculty versions as you wish!  

If your professor is granting participation grades for completing BU101, please complete the version that your professor requested. If you have several professors requesting different versions, please complete the required tasks for each faculty version of BU101. 

BU101 offers a certificate of completion once you have completed all of the required tasks for your faculty version. Your certificate can be downloaded, saved, or printed from the Awards tab found in the Brightspace navigation bar. Each certificate is unique to the faculty version of BU101 that you choose, so ensure that you’ve completed the correct version if you are required to complete BU101 for a course grade. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Learning Services at Learning@brocku.ca.


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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop by the Student Success Centre in TH 129, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

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You can also email Learning Services with your questions at Learning@brocku.ca 

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If you need help with your technology or Brock Office 365 account, please contact Brock’s ITS Help Desk 



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