Newspaper Coverage of Thomas's Career

This set of articles has been assembled to provided background on Thomas's relationship to Chicago and its press. It provides some context for the 1918 scandal that led to his dismissal from the University of Chicago. More importantly, they help document the development of Thomas's relationship to the feminist and suffrage movements in the United States of America.  Because it is searchable, the majority of our "clippings" have been drawn from the Chicago Tribune. A scattering of material has been taken from other Chicago papers, most of it focused on the scandal.

Among the articles from the New York Times there are two interviews with Thomas, neither found in their Names Index --- "Women and the Intellectual Life.'" (1907) and "Should Woman Have Work Outside the Home ?" (1910). Both provide glimpses of Thomas's ideas early in his career.

The articles from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch date from the time of the scandal. We hope to be able to add similar material from other papers in the near future.


Chicago Daily Journal.


Chicago Daily News


Chicago Tribune


New York Times

Oberlin News

Oberlin Review


St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Washington Post


See also the press coverage of several related events that bear on Thomas career and the way it's Chicago phase came to an end.

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