Chicago Daily News

School’s Board of Trustees Formally Votes to Dismiss Him.

So far as the University of Chicago is concerned, a sordid chapter in the history of the institution has been brought to an end with the summary dismissal from the faculties of Prof. William I. Thomas, who was found in a room of a loop hotel with Mrs. R. M. Granger, the young wife of an officer of the signal corps with the expeditionary forces to France. Eight members of the board of trustees, who assembled in the downtown offices of the university in the Corn Exchange Bank building yesterday, deliberated more than an hour and drew up the decision, which read as follows:

"The board of trustees of the University of Chicago, upon recommendation of President Judson, voted to dismiss Prof. W. I. Thomas from the faculties of the university."

Prof. Thomas now must face a legal ordeal next Friday morning to find out what disposition of his case will be made by city, state, and federal officials, who have had the matter under advisement.


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