Chicago Tribune

Denies Famous Epigram Attributed to Pinckney and Declares Wolfe Gave Wrong Hour for More Funeral.

Prof. W. I. Thomas of the University of Chicago aired a long felt grievance yesterday against poets and historians for distorting facts of history. Charles wolf was his target and "The Death of Sir John More" the production that was attacked by the sociologist in a lecture in Cobb hall.

"Historians as a class have show a disposition to hand down erroneous impressions to the people, and efforts of scholars to correct the false facts have proved unavailing," said Prof. Thomas. He spoke on "The Folk Mind in History:"

"The statement credited to Charles C. Pinkney in the revolutionary days, ‘Millions for defense, not a cent for tribute,’ was never spoken by him. Mr. Pinckney was once asked in private how much the United States would pay for political purposes, and he replied, ‘Not a sixpence.’

"Poets writing of historical subjects have shown a woeful disregard of details," he said. "Take ‘The Burial of Sir John More.’ There the author speaks of the services being held at night, when we know they were at 8 o’clock in the morning."


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