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Professor Explains at Length the Affair with Mrs. Granger

Prof. William Isaac Thomas, recently ousted from his chair in the University of Chicago because of his escapade in the Brevoort hotel, gave to the public his prepared statement of his attitude toward Mrs. Pearl Granger and society at large yesterday.

Briefly stated, Prof. Thomas concludes that his position is clearly that of a scientific many engaged in the pursuit of information for educational purposes.

“My own association with women has varied,” he writes, “but always of a constructive kind, according to my standards. I have met with many women in many situations which would be called compromising, have gained through this much new experience, and have incidentally been instrumental in raising a number of the persons concerned to higher levels of efficiency.”

Discusses His Arrest.

He discusses the incident of his arrest with Mrs. Granger and the consequent public agitation but lightly.

The statement concludes with an explanation of how he and Mrs. Granger came to be taken in an “indiscreet” position in the Brevoort hotel; they were there to meet a young woman with and “interesting history.” Mrs. Granger was keen on “interesting history” it seems. But before the young woman arrived the police came. Prof. Thomas does not maintain the trend of his argument up to the point of suggesting that he was engaged in sociological experimentation. It was another matter.

Difference of Opinion.

Prof. Thomas’ explanation of his appearance with Mrs. Granger in the Brevoort hotel does not jibe with the statements of Jack Horner, chief clerk and assistant manager of the hotel.

“Prof. Thomas and Mrs. Granger had been in the room an hour,” he said, “when I called at the room and demanded that the man, who had registered as “C. Rowland and wife, Gary, Ind.,’ further identify himself.” He said he would do so and opened his suitcase. It was the character of the articles in the suitcase that determined me to hold the couple for arrest.

“Both Mrs. Granger and the professor were in déshabillé when we entered the room. The professor said matters remain in statu quo. There is nothing to say about the triangle. Mrs. Thomas still nurses Mrs. Granger.

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