Chicago Tribune

Denial from Fort Smith.

Fort Smith Ark., April 13 — “They are not my daughters.” declared Mrs. Willis Rains Chowning here tonight when informed that Mrs. R. L. Granger, held at Chicago with a University of Chicago professor has given Fort Smith as her home, and Mrs. Chowning’s name as that of her mother.

“My daughters, Mrs. Granger and Miss Della Rains, are in New York. Only today I had a letter from Mrs. Granger written in New York on Wednesday. Neither of them had any business in Chicago and I know they are not there. I know nothing of this Chicago affair, except what I see in the papers.”

The 3 year old boy of Mrs. Granger is with her and her husband is in France with the American Forces. Friends here say the Rains family came originally from the vicinity of Chicago, moving here from Fort Worth.


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