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Elected Third Vice President of Society of Which His Wife is Head.

Clarence Mackay has been elected Third Vice President of the Equal Franchise society, of which Mrs Mackay is President, and he is glad of it. He takes the place of William M. Ivins, resigned. This was announced at the regular meeting of the society at the Garden Theatre yesterday. Mr. Mackayís election was telegraphed to him, as he was out of town, It was said, and he accepted with alacrity.

W. J. Schieffelin presided at the meeting, and Miss Ethel Arnold and Mrs. Gabriel Stewart Mulliner were the speakers.

"The antis," said Miss Arnold, "hold that it was not Godís intention for women to take part in affairs, but far be it from me to decide what was the intention of the First Cause. I leave that impiety to our opponents."

Mrs. Mulliner, who is a lawyer, said that mothers and teachers would be exempt from jury duty when women have the vote, but that women of leisure would serve. "They are the most intelligent class of women in the world," she said.

At the new headquarters of the Collegiate Equal Suffrage League, 20 East Thirty-third Street, last evening Prof. W. I. Thomas, author of "Sex and Society," who gives a lecture for the league on "Eugenics" at the Berkeley Theatre this afternoon, talked to the reporters on his belief in woman suffrage. He told of the work of the Chicago women in what his wife calls "maternal methods" of working for suffrage, in contradistinction to the militant methods. They have brought about a complete organization of the finest childrenís court system in the country and have been active in other lines of social helpfulness. "They have demonstrated their ability to serve the State," said Prof. Thomas, "and the State cannot afford to do without them. Women will never reach their highest development until they can express themselves individually," he declared.

Prof. Thomas personally believes in a limited suffrage, and says he would disfranchise as many men as he would franchise women.


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