Chicago Tribune

Prof. W. I. Thomas of the University of Chicago Writes of Probable World Conflict for Supremacy.

Americans and all members of the white race should fear a "yellow and black peril" — a combination of the yellow and black races of the world, says Prof. William I. Thomas of the University of Chicago. He hints at a world conflict for race supremacy. Under the heading, "The Significance of the Orient for the Occident," in the May number of the American Journal of Sociology issued from the University of Chicago press yesterday, he writes:

"The oriental is getting possession of our system or of that part of it which is superior to his own from the standpoint of control, and we begin to feel that our civilization is threatened. In the hands of one alien race white methods are having more complete and rigid application than we have been able to make of them, and we begin to fear that we have raised a devil which we cannot lay.

"On the score of hard labor and a low standard of living we cannot complete with the oriental, and the oriental world is large enough to overwhelm us and smite us with the sword which we have put into his hands. And when we reflect that if a world conflict for racial supremacy arises all the colored races of the world will inevitably combine against the white, and that the yellow and black races are now vaguely contemplating such a combination, we may well be affrighted."


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