Chicago Tribune


The romantic triangle which was composed of Prof. William I. Thomas, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs R. M. Granger at 6132 Kimbark avenue, has lost one of its sides.

Mrs. Granger, who was Prof. Thomasí companion at the Brevoort hotel April 11, when the two were taken into custody on a disorderly charge, from which they were cleared in a police court hearing, is no longer a guest in the Thomas home. The young and pretty wife of an army officer now in France disappeared yesterday. So far as could be learned she has left the city.

"Mrs. Granger has gone," was Mrs. Thomasí succinct statement, which she refused to amplify.

"Do you and Prof. Thomas intend to remain here," she was asked.

"That is nobodyís business."

At the South Side hotel where Mrs. Granger and her sister, Miss Della Rains, movie actress and artistís model, were guests up to the time of the sociological episode at the Brevoort, it was learned that the baggage of the two was called for Friday night.

It was the opinion of an acquaintance of the women that they have returned to New York, where Miss Rains recently had a studio apartment.


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