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The Law and the Woman
Excerpts from Mr. Clyne’s Admonitions to Mrs. Granger and the Latter’s Opinion of the U.S. Attorney.

Clyne Said to Her:
    “Your husband is in France.
    “He is offering his life for you and for me.
    “He is brave; fighting for country, home, family.
    “He expected you to be good and brave while away and honorable in all things.
    “Is this your answer to him; the reward of his faith?
    “That’s right, cry; you ought to cry
    “You out to get on your knees and pray to your God for forgiveness.
    “Think of your husband and mother.
    “Think of the torment acts like this give other husbands in the army if they hear of one wife’s faithlessness.
    “That’s right cry — cry your head off.

She Said of Clyne:
“I cried just to oblige him.
    “He was very mournful; very much the preacher.
    “He wanted me to get down on my knees and pray for forgiveness from God, my mother, and my husband.
    “He wanted me to wear ‘sack cloth and ashes.’
    “I really believe he tried to imitate Billy Sunday.
    “I showed penance by crying
    “There’s no reason for my husband worrying about this.
    “When he comes home I will abide in happiness with him and him alone.
    “The terrible part is that daddy and I were caught.
    “It would have happened if I didn’t look so young; they thought I wasn’t 18.


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