Chicago Tribune

Rumors at University Hint Prof. Thomas May be Given Chance to Retire.


Despite a hurriedly called meeting of members of the faculty of the University of Chicago yesterday, there will be no action in the Thomas matter until President Harry Pratt Judson, who is in Washington, returns to Chicago on Monday. This statement was made by Dean Albion W. Small of the department of Sociology.

It is understood that Prof. Thomas will be given opportunity to resign. Dean Small said: “Mrs. Thomas must be a very remarkable woman to take Mrs. Granger into her home and to consider this case in the unusually sane manner that she has.”

President Judson was reached in Washington last night. To a representative of THE TRIBUNE he said:
“I have nothing to say in regard to this case. I cannot comment now. I know nothing other than what I have read in the newspapers.”


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