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Has No Intention of Wedding "Flapper."

New York, July 4 — [Special.] — Dr. George A. Dorsey, world famous ethnologist, wonít marry a "flapper," and isnít bohemian — "unless living south of Grantís tomb, and working fifteen or sixteen hours a day" makes him one.

Dr. Dorsey was divorced in Chicago and his wife was reported as saying she divorced him to allow him to write and have a career. Mrs. Dorseyís attorney added that Dr. Dorsey was living in New youíre a live of "what might be called bohemianism."

Interested in seeing what an ethnologistís idea of bohemianism might be, a reporter set out to find Dr. Dorsey. The reporterís sense of ethnology took him to Greenwich Village, where at 8 East 8th street, Miss Della Raines, art model and movie actress, once lived. She lives there no longer.

His View on Marriage.

Dr. Dorsey had once been reported engaged to Miss Raines, but later wrote to a married daughter that the "only woman I would ever marry is your mother."

Nevertheless the reporterís sense of ethnology took him to No. 20, the first in a row of house which No. 8 is one, and found the former curator of ethnology at the Chicago Field museum and former member of the faculty of Chicago and Northwestern universities.

"I havenít seen Miss Raines in four or five years," said Dr. Dorsey. "She was merely and incident which had nothing whatever to do with our divorce, and came and went. No. I didnít know she once lived in 8th street.

Likes to Feel Heís Free.

"Mrs Dorsey and I agreed, years ago, that we didnít track. That is neither to her discredit nor mine. We decided we could not live together, and let it go at that. We have grown children and whether we live together or not makes no particular difference to them.

"I like to feel free to get up and go at fifteen minuteís notice, I might not want to take my wife along — or she might not want to take me — that busts up the show. One finds the going good in one direction, the other in another. I have no use for men of 40 or 50 who want to marry flappers. A man should be a good sport and play the game."


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