Chicago Tribune

Prof. And Mrs. W. I. Thomas Return from Michigan, Where Boy Was Drowned.

Bearing with them the body of their 11 year old son Robert, which was recovered Sunday noon from the St. Joseph river after four daysí searching, Prof. And Mrs. William I. Thomas of the University of Chicago yesterday returned to their residence, 6107 Madison avenue. The funeral will be held today.

From Prof. Thomas was learned the details of the boyís drowning. The three Thomas boys, aged 11, 13, and 14, were swimming in what was supposed to be a shallow part of the river at Twin Springs. The youngest boy, Robert, got beyond his depth and began to sink. The two older boys held him up until they were nearly drowned, when the oldest swam to the bank to secure a boat. With this he was able to save only one of the struggling boys, Robert the youngest, being drowned.

For four days the river was dragged, dynamite was exploded, and a diving bell was used. Fifty boats were engaged in the search for the body.


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