Chicago Tribune

Feminist Speeches Annoy Suffragists

By Cinderella

The suffrage dinner Tuesday night in the Hotel La Salle roof garden appears to have made a record. Everybody is talking about it, especially the speeches, which seem to have been particularly noteworthy.

Prof. Thomas of the University of Chicago and his remarks alone have provided a topic good for at least two weeks’ conversation along the north shore.

It was necessary to understand Latin in order to seize all of Prof. Thomas’ speech, which had to do with the status of woman, a subject in which he is said to specialize.

His climaxes were in Latin, which was perhaps just as well, all things considered.


But it was Rev. Anna Howard Shaw, the suffrage leader of many years, black eyed, white haired, vivacious, who capped the climax.

Dr. Shaw said she "was glad to have lived until the present occasion, when women and men could discuss such questions and look into each other’s eyes without blinking."

It may have been so at the speaker’s table, but in other parts of the room everybody was staring hard at his or her dinner plate and blinking not a little.

Indeed, the gracious and dignified presence of Mrs. Cyrus McCormick, a handsome figure in white satin and draperies of silver lace, was withdrawn from the feast. On retiring, Mrs. McCormick mentioned another engagement.

Naturally one has a certain tolerance for persons who are courageous with their convictions, whatever they may be. But the suffragists of the United States have never welcomed the linking of the two movements, equal suffrage and that of the "feminists."


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