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Registration for 29th Session to Continue Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday
University Records Indicate 70 Per Cent. Will Be Women — Programs for Events During Six Weeks

Registration began yesterday morning for the twenty-ninth Summer session of Columbia University and will continue tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Classes start on Monday morning and will be held until Friday, Aug. 17.

About 14,000 students are expected to enroll. The records of previous years show that more than 70 per cent. will be women, according to Edward J. Grand, registrar , and about 50 per cent. will be students who have attended previous Summer sessions.

A series of events has been planned for the students during their six weeks at Columbia. Next Thursday evening, the annual Summer session convocation will be held in the university gymnasium, with President Nicholas Murray Butler addressing the students.

A program of musical entertainments will be staged in McMillan Academic Theatre by the New York String Quartet and by a mixed chorus under direction of Walter Henry Hall, professor of church and choral music. Community signing will be held each Monday in Horace Mann Auditorium.

Motion pictures of American history will be shown in McMillan Theatre on July 12, 19, 25 and Aug. 2 and 9 at 4:30 PM.

A summer series of free lectures with motion pictures will be delivered at the American Museum of Natural History. "Normandy and Brittany" will be seen July 19; "Nanook of the North," July 26; "How Life Begins," July 14; "Dragon Lizards of Komodo," July 21; "Depths of the Sea," July 28; "Borneo," Aug. 2; "Trailing Wild Animals in Africa," Aug. 4, all at 3:30 PM.

A number of exhibits will be on view during the session. In the auxiliary gymnasium the official publishers' exhibit of text and reference books will be held. The National Child Welfare Association exhibit will be shown in University Hall, where the Survey and Foreign Policy Associaiton exhibits will also be on view. The Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum of the Department of English and Comparative Literature will be open daily, except Saturdays, from 11 AM. to 1 PM in Rooms 305-6, Philosophy Hall. An exhibition of Italian books will be held daily from 9AM to 5 PM at the Casa Italiana, 117th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Several new extension courses for the Fall term were announced yesterday by Dr. James C. Egbert, director of Columbia's extension department. Dr. William I. Thomas, noted authority on human behavior, will direct a course on the present state and sociological significance of behavior studies. A course on social evolution will be directed by Professor Robert M. MacIver, who recently came to Columbia from Toronto University.

The first course of the department on the organization of public opinion will be conducted by George A. Hastings, public relations counsel and social worker. Other new courses will include mental factors in social maladjustment by Dr. Stanley P. Davies, social and economic aspects of the housing problem, by Dr. Edith Elmer Wood; industry and society, by Miss Mary D. Hopkins; the human factor in industry, with special reference to women, by Miss Hopkins and special lecturers, including Miss Josephine Goldmark, Mrs. Florence Kelley, Miss Frances Perkins, Miss Nellie Swartz, Miss Mary Dewson and Miss Mary Van Kleeck.


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