Chicago Daily Journal

Thomas and Officerís Wife Before Court.
Pacifist Son of Ex-Professor Is Ready to Fight (Camera Men) with Hammer

Mrs. R. M. Granger, young wife of an army officer, heavily veiled, created a stir when she appeared in the Morals court today to answer to the charges growing out of her visit to the Brevoort hotel with William I Thomas, former professor at the University of Chicago.

Dressed in a fashionable brown suit with a large black hat, she arrived at the city hall in a taxicab with Thomas, Mrs. Thomas and their pacifist son, William A. The latter carried a hammer, which he brandished at newspaper photographers.

Federal agents appeared in the court following telegraphic instructions from A. Bruce Bielaski, chief of the investigation bureau of the department of justice, to watch the case.

Mr. Bielaskiís instructions are said to have removed all doubt concerning the future attitude of the government in the romance of "daddy and his itty bitty girl."

Operatives attached to the local bureau say the Mr. Bielaski has asked for information that may tend to show violations of federal vice laws and that he asked that a rigid inquiry be made.

An eager crowd filed into the Morals court long before Judge Frank H. Graham ascended the bench. On one side woman habituťs of the underworld, to whom court was an old experience, and men of the new type caught in escapades similar to the Thomas scandal while secretly visiting hotels, waited to catch a glimpse of the faithless wife of the young American army officer who forgot her husband for the 55-year-old expert on sex topics.

It was reported that Mrs. Granger had fully recovered from her illness under the nursing of Mrs. Thomas and William A. Thomas, son of the erstwhile professor.


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