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Case in Court Postponed Until Mrs. Granger Can Appear

Prof. William I. Thomas has been suspended as a member of the faculty of the University of Chicago, pending a special meeting of the university board of trustees today.

The action followed a long distance telephone message yesterday from Harry Pratt Judson, president of the university, to Martin A. Ryerson, head of the board. The trustees will meet at 3 o’clock. Their decision will be made public at once.

Mr. Ryerson last night intimated that Prof. Thomas’ contract as head of the department of sociology will be terminated. “We will receive the formal report of the university authorities,” he said, “ and immediate action will follow.”

Prof. Thomas will receive official notice of his suspension this morning through the mail. A letter was dispatched to him last night by Dean James R. Angell.

Thomas is Silent.

Prof. Thomas last night refused to comment on President Judson’s action., apparently at the order of his attorney, Clarence Darrow, who said he had told the professor not to talk.

Dean Angell said President Judson’s decision followed a thorough investigation of the professor’s relations with Mrs. R. M. Granger [wife of a United States army officer now in France] with whom Thomas was found in a hotel room last week.

“The fact that Prof. Thomas has not been lecturing during the present term has little bearing on the case, said Dean Angell. “He is scheduled to begin at the summer term. The president’s action was taken for the benefit of the public.”

Arraigned in Morals Court

Prof. Thomas was arraigned in the Morals court in the morning on a warrant charging disorderly conduct.

Mrs. Granger was not present, being ill in bed, he explained. She still is being “mothered” by the professor’s wife, who declares the young wife deserves “protection, sympathy, and understanding.”

Prof. Thomas asked for a continuance. The case was postponed until Friday, when it is expected Mrs. Granger will appear with her “daddy.”

Judge Kearns expects new warrants will be sworn out today. He said efforts were made to reach him in the afternoon so this could be done, but he was occupied with other business.

$200 Maximum Penalty.

The new warrants are wanted to bolster up the original charges, which the police believe will fall through. If found guilty of disorderly conduct the couple will escape with a maximum $200 fine.

Prof. Thomas appeared with one of his lawyers, Peter Sissman. The courtroom was crowded with the curious, who eyed the professor with interest. He was smiling, but appeared nervous.


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