Chicago Tribune

Members of the Faculty and of the Quadrangle Club Are Forming an Organization.

The faculty of the University of Chicago and members of the Quadrangle club are organizing a golf club. There are many golf enthusiasts among the professors. President Harper is a member of the Modlothian club and it is possible that the new club will affiliate with it. A meeting has been called for tomorrow night to decide upon a course.

Among the golfers in the faculty is Professor J. L. Laughlin, the political economist. Professor Alfred Smith of the chemistry department is a former member of the St. Andrew’s Golf club of Scotland. Professor F. F. Abbott of Harvard and W. I. Thomas are both greatly interested in the game. Professor A. A. Michelson is a member of the Kenwood Country club.

A number of the professors are in favor of a golf club within the Quadrangle club. They propose have a full eighteen-hole course somewhere on the South Side and purchasing clubs. Professors Maschke and Bolza of the mathematics department, Dean Edward Capps, A. C. Miller, and Professor George Vincent have taken an active interest in the organization of a golf club.


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