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"To Protect Her Against Knocks of the World," Says Sociologist— Son in Fight with Photographers

CHICAGO, April 13  — A warrant charging a statutory offense was taken out today for Dr. William Isaac Thomas, University of Chicago professor, who was apprehended Thursday night for registering at a local hotel with Mrs. R. M. Granger, who is the wife of an army officer now in France, as his own wife under an assumed name. The case will be heard in the morals court. The warrant was issued after two detectives of the Department of Justice visited Dr. Thomas.

They are said to have questioned him regarding a trip said to have been made by him and Mrs. Granger from New York to Washington where Dr. Thomas went to confer with E. M. House concerning a book the professor was writing. After the interview, one of the detectives, an expert on the Mann Act, went to the South Clark Street station with the intention, he said, of obtaining a warrant.

Dean Angell, in the absence of President Judson of the University of Chicago, called a meeting of the faculty today to consider the case.

Mrs Granger at Thomas Home.

A reporter who called at the Thomas home shortly after sunrise found the distinguished sociologist and authority on sex relations pacing up and down the veranda. Mrs. Thomas, who was a member of the Ford peace ship party, and who subscribes to her husband's views on matters of the sexes, yesterday put into practice the "wider view" by taking Mrs. Granger, a girlish-looking woman of 24, into her home.

"Is Mrs. Granger with Mrs. Thomas ?" the professor was asked.

"Yes," he replied. "Mrs. Thomas has taken her in to protect her from the knocks and buffets of the world. She was alone and helpless and Mrs. Thomas has provided a harbor for her here.

"Did she promise the Federal authorities that she would not see you again ? "

"She did nothing of the sort, so far as I know."

Son in Fight with Photographers.

Dr. Thomas said that in due time he would issue a formal statement of his position.

The conversation was terminated by a fight between Henry Thomas, 22-year old son of the professor, and half a dozen photographers who were preparing to photograph Dr. Thomas. Young Thomas smashed one or two of the cameras and received some blows in return. He retired when his father got out of focus by returning indoors.

Mrs. Granger is the daughter of Mrs. Willis Raines Chowning, of Fort Smith, Ark. Her maiden names was Raines. She married Granger more than three years ago when he was a telegraph operator. He became an officer in the signal corps and sailed for France last winter. It was then that his wife and the mother of his baby, met Thomas.


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