Chicago Daily Journal

Seeking Model in Thomas Case.

Miss Della Rains, younger sister of Mrs. R. M. Granger, wife of an American army officer and "sweetheart" of William Isaac Thomas, former university professor, is believed to hold the connecting link in the chain of evidence gorged by the department of justice in its investigations of "daddy’s" love affair.

Officers assigned to the case admitted today they would like to question the pretty model who disappeared Sunday night, leaving behind in her flight her valuables and correspondence at the Colonial hotel where she had an apartment with Mrs. Granger.

It is believed she may be able to throw light upon various parties said to have been staged in the east by Thomas and Mrs. Granger. All efforts to find her since she left the Thomas home Sunday have been unavailing.

All was as drear as the rainy day at the Thomas home today. The erstwhile sex expert of the University of Chicago found himself in the predicament of the careless longshoreman who goes on a spree. He has been "fired" and he still has [a] little affair in the police court to settle.

None of his friends appeared to know Thomas’ future plans. They all admit he has not though of another position until it is finally settled what the consequences of his love spree will be.

Mrs. Granger, still domiciled in the Thomas home, under the care of Mrs. Thomas and William Thomas, the son who wasn’t raised to be a soldier, declined to show herself outside the door. From Dr. Henry W. Cheney, her physician, it was learned that he has so recovered her health that she will be able to appear in Morals court Friday when her case is called.

None of the university officials would discuss the formal dismissal of Thomas. However, they expressed themselves as satisfied that the school had cleaned its hands of Thomas.


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