Chicago Tribune


William I. Thomas, former University of Chicago professor, today will issue a lengthy statement which took all of rainy yesterday to prepare. He announced last night through his attorney, Clarence S. Darrow, that he would "tell the world" of his relation with his "itty-bitty lady," Mrs. Pearl Granger, young wife of an army officer now in France, and with whom he was found in a hotel room. The professorís decision to talk through the newspapers came after his acquittal on Friday on a charge of disorderly conduct in the Morals court.

"Daddyís little girl" still is under Mrs. Thomasí protecting wing. The neighborhood is divided over the care, one faction praising Mrs. Thomas for taking the young woman into her house, and the other condemning her. The are very curious to know how long Mrs. Granger will continue to accept the professorís hospitality,

Prof. Thomas called at the federal building yesterday for his baggage, seized at the Brevoort hotel. Hinton G. Clabaugh, chief of the bureau of investigation of the department of justice, said there was nothing new in the case yesterday. He is believed to be awaiting a Mann act report from the federal agents in eastern cities alleged to have been visited by the professor and Mrs. Granger.


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