BEd in Aboriginal Adult Education

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BEd in Aboriginal Adult Education

STEP 1: Send in Your Application
Once you have made the decision to begin your degree or certificate, you will need to complete the Application for Admission.

Download and print the Application Form (PDF)

Mail your application to the Tecumseh Centre for Aboriginal Research and Education along with the $25 application fee payable to Brock University.

Once your application is received, it will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for assessment.

STEP 2: Arrange to Have Your Transcripts Sent to Brock
If you have applied for the Degree Program, your file will be held in the Office of the Registrar until all official transcripts from any previous post-secondary studies are received for evaluation. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the host institution to the Office of the Registrar, Brock University.

It is your responsibility to request the transcripts from any post-secondary institutions you have attended. It can take between two and three weeks for transcripts to arrive from another institution for evaluation.

Your application form and the transcripts will arrive at Brock at different times. Be sure to indicate the name you used while attending another institution and the name you are currently using so that your transcripts can be matched to your application form. Your application is not complete until all required documentation is received. Please note, upon receipt of all required documentation, allow for a minimum of four weeks processing time. Deadlines will be strictly observed.

Allow sufficient time to submit the entire application package. Successful applicants will be mailed an Offer of Admission.

STEP 3: Receive Your Offer of Admission and (if applicable) Statement of Advanced Standing
Once all official transcripts are received, your file will be assessed. Successful applicants will be sent an Offer of Admission and, if you have applied to the degree program, a Statement of Advanced Standing (if applicable). The Statement of Advanced Standing will tell you if transfer credits have been granted and how many additional credits you will be required to take to complete your degree.

Please note that you have not been admitted into the program until you have received an Offer of Admission.

STEP 4: Select Your Course in the Registration Guide
The ADED Web Registration Guide is available at Adult Education Guide Links and contains information such as timetables of course offerings, instructions on how to web register and important deadlines. Select your course, the appropriate location and duration.

STEP 5: Register Using the Web
Follow the procedures in the Registration Guide to register in your first ABED course (ABED 4F84) using the Web Registration System. There are deadlines for each registration period. If you do not register via the Web Registration System before the published deadlines, you may be subject to a late registration fee ($50 - $100) or unable to register at all. Please see the Adult Education Guide Links for full details.

STEP 6: Your Statement of Account
Once you have successfully registered using the web, fees will be charged to your Brock University account. Invoices will not be mailed. Fees should be checked via the student portal ( Fees may be paid using one of the three options outlined. Please note that tuition payment cannot be made by credit card. If you have any questions regarding your fees statement, please contact the Finance Department (

STEP 7: Start Thinking About Other Courses You May Need to Complete Your Degree
If you do not already hold a recognized undergraduate degree, you will be required to complete courses beyond the five ABED courses in order to complete your degree (as indicated on your Statement of Advanced Standing). You have two options. You can complete the other courses through Brock University or at another university on a Letter of Permission (LOP) from Brock.

The BEd in Adult Education is the only undergraduate program in which you are permitted to take up to 10 full credits on a Letter of Permission (LOP). Taking a course on a Letter of Permission allows you to choose a university that is more convenient for you to attend, or one that offers courses by distance delivery. If you wish, you may begin taking courses on a Letter of Permission, students coming in as Mature students must complete the first two ABED courses with a 60% average in each course before they can pick up additional credits on a letter of permission. Please note: LOPs must be approved prior to registration in a course at another institution. The application fee is $35 per academic session, per host institution.

STEP 8: Welcome to the Program!
Once you have successfully registered, your facilitator will contact you via your Brock University email to invite you to your first course. Books and resource materials can be ordered through the Campus Store at and will be delivered to your door.

Details regarding your class start will be sent to your Brock email account. Please be sure to activate your account by going to, then click “Quick Links” and “Web Mail.”

Image by Delbert J.R. Jonathon

Image by Delbert J.R. Jonathon


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