Master of Education

The Master of Education (MEd) program is designed for individuals from a variety of backgrounds and occupations who have an interest in advancing their knowledge of education.

Three areas of specialization are offered:

Engages students in theories that influence administrative practice with the aim of understanding, creating, and sustaining ethical educational institutions and developing an informed administrative identity

Considers educational and discipline-related theories and practices related to the cognitive, social, emotional, psychological, and behavioral development of learners across the lifespan

Engages students in critical exploration of ideological, sociological, and literary influences on educational experiences, curriculum, and pedagogical practices

For a list of courses offered in each Field of Specialization, see the Graduate Calendar.

Students complete their master’s degree by following either a course pathway or a research pathway. After at least one term in the program, students in the research pathway apply to complete either a Major Research Paper (MRP) or a thesis. Full-time students in the research pathway receive funding through fellowships and employment opportunities

To accommodate both full and part time study, courses are offered during the day, evenings, and on Saturdays. Face-to-face courses are available at both the Brock campus in St. Catharines and an Oakville campus. Limited course offerings are available in Hamilton. On-line and blended courses (on-line/face-to-face) are offered on a regular basis. We do not offer an on-line MEd.

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