Minor in Adult Education

Students in other disciplines can obtain a Minor in Adult Education within their degree program.

For course and grade requirements please see the Undergraduate Calendar.

To apply

As a Brock University student, before declaring a minor in Adult Education, it is recommended that you consult your Academic Advisor in order to determine that you can fulfill the minor requirements  while continuing to satisfy the requirements of your major area of study.

In order to apply for a minor in Adult Education, complete the Declare or Change Major Form.

Frequently asked questions

Email is our most common way to reach you but we must use your Brock e-mail address to ensure that information is confidential, secure and transmitted reliably. Occasionally we may communicate with you by telephone. Our Academic Advisor is available at foeadvising@brocku.ca or by calling 905-688-5550 ext. 5911.

Fall session courses will run from September through the beginning of December, winter classes run January to April, spring classes run April to July, and summer classes run mid-July through the end of August. For registration information and further details, please refer to the timetable. 

For the precise tuition fee in your year of registration, please click visit the SAFA page.  

This fee is applicable to all full credit Adult Education courses and is subject to change. All other Brock courses will be at the standard rate for undergraduate courses. You should also budget approximately $150 for course texts and materials per course. You may be eligible for OSAP funding. 
Tuition fees for the Brock courses are tax deductible. 

Brock students must apply for, and may be granted, a Letter of Permission (LOP) from the Office of the Registrar before registering at another university. Consult the Brock Undergraduate Calendar for further information about Letters of Permission.  Please note, a maximum of 5 credits may be taken on a Letter of Permission.  Any remaining elective or context credit courses must be Brock University courses (online or on campus).

A program plan is a valuable means of managing your Adult Education studies while you balance other demands for your time such as work, family and volunteer activities. Academic Advisors are here to work with you to develop a personalized academic study plan from year to year. They can be reached at foeadvising@brocku.ca. Live Chat is also available at https://brocku.ca/education/student-resources/foe-advising-live-chat/ 

You should start by speaking to your course instructor. Our instructors are talented adult educators with graduate academic credentials and significant professional experience. They can help you through challenges that you may encounter, and refer you to specialized supports when required. 

There is no guarantee of admission to graduate studies which can be offered to a candidate upon completion of the BA in Adult Education (Honours). Each university has different policies governing its admissions procedures, so it is the applicant’s responsibility to investigate each institution directly. If you would like further information regarding the MEd at Brock, please visit the Graduate Education page, email med@brocku.ca or call 905 688 5550 x3340. 

The information provided on this page is subject to change without notice. Please see the website of the Office of the Registrar and Undergraduate Calendar for more information.