Minor in Indigenous Studies

Students in other disciplines can obtain a Minor in Indigenous Studies within their degree program by completing the following courses with a minimum 60 percent overall average:

  • Two INDG credits numbered 1(alpha)00 or above
  • Two INDG credits numbered 2(alpha)00 or above

Electives in Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies courses may be taken for credit as electives in any Brock degree program. The Mohawk language course satisfies the Language Requirement for Humanities majors.

Note that not all courses are offered in every session. Refer to the applicable term timetable for details.
# Indicates a cross listed course
* Indicates primary offering of a cross listed course

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Students must check to ensure that prerequisites are met. Students may be deregistered, at the request of the instructor, from any course for which prerequisites and/or restrictions have not been

Aboriginal Education Council

To find out more about the spectrum of components comprising Aboriginal education and research across campus, visit the Brock University Aboriginal Education Council (AEC).